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145 Furniture Assembly tasks
445 reviews: 94% positive

How I can help:
Quite handy with tools and assembly. Recently assembled an outdoor playhouse. Assembled Plasma TV stand, office furniture etc
Adriana V.
No Furniture Assembly tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:
I have a ton of experience putting together furniture from many different brands. Even when the brand has issues with manufacturing, I am able to troubleshoot the problem and build the furniture so it is attractive, stable, and functional.
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Bruce H.
27 Furniture Assembly tasks
28 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I specialize in assembling IKEA furniture faster than the average bear which saves you time and money. If you have any ready to assemble furniture I am the Tasker for you. I pride myself on arriving on time and doing the job right.
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Denny B.
298 Furniture Assembly tasks
771 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
Former pro with clients like Cost Plus World Market, I can usually cut build times in half.
Yasmina P.
19 Furniture Assembly tasks
102 reviews: 92% positive

How I can help:
Reliable, focused and efficient. I have my own tools and am able to get the job done and in record time. Expert experience with Ikea, Wayfair, Target and most other furniture pieces.
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Eric G.
2 Furniture Assembly tasks
3 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I'm a professional furniture maker and designer. Full workshop and transportation is available. I consider pickup and assembly of furniture a simple task.
Victor E.
135 Furniture Assembly tasks
397 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
I am an IKEA wiz kid. From Malm beds to Kullen dressers I’ve done them all. Over the years I've assembled every variation of furniture imagineable. If you need it done right and in a hurry hire me today!
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Iman F.
22 Furniture Assembly tasks
237 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
I can assemble anything perfectly and quickly. I am neat & organized. My specialty is IKEA & I actually enjoy it. I have all of my own tools and I am always on time. Take a look at my reviews & just how many assembly tasks that I've completed.
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Greg J.
326 Furniture Assembly tasks
301 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
I have tons of experience putting together furniture.  I have all the tools needed, and am efficient without being careless.
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Take Furniture Apart & Move It reviews in Washington DC
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Customer Reviews

Great and fast!!
- Eduardo G., August 23, 2019
Very happy with his work. 
- Matthew S., August 23, 2019
Great customer Service!!!!
- Janelle G., August 23, 2019
Excellent work. Very quick and clean job assembling my Ikea sofa. Thanks Ameen!
- Joshua O., August 23, 2019
Speak is a very nice guy! He assembled very furniture perfectly! 
- Qiyu H., August 23, 2019
Patrick did such a good job! He was very professional and efficient! 
- Katie C., August 23, 2019
Brianne was great, and we're going to have her back next week if she's available to put more IKEA furniture together.
- Wendey W., August 23, 2019
Quick and efficient!
- Maria S., August 23, 2019
Would hire again! She had a big project and did amazing!
- Jill L., August 23, 2019
Did a good job.
- Beverly R., August 23, 2019
Matt was professional, friendly, prepared, and efficient. He built a large dresser and mounted a variety of shelves. We'll definitely hire him again!
- Jack Z., August 23, 2019
Mohammad did a great job and would highly recommend him again!
- Heidi K., August 23, 2019
Great and fast!
- Emiliana H., August 23, 2019
Professional and fast. Very easy to work with. Will definitely use again if I have building needs!
- Jane C., August 23, 2019
Quick and Efficient- Job well done!!
- Justin L., August 23, 2019
Gregory was great! He disassembled a crib and put together a pretty complicated bed for us, and brought his own tools for the job. I'd definitely hire him again!
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- Lila R., August 23, 2019
Amazing work & Great customer service.
- Janelle G., August 23, 2019
Noah arrived prepared with his own tools. He was patient, clean, and super nice. My dresser is perfectly assembled, and he was really pleasant. I’d highly recommend Noah to anyone.
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- Christina C., August 23, 2019
Thanks so much, Floyd! Appreciate the additional help, going above and beyond!
- Nasheed A., August 23, 2019
Evan was very efficient! He deconstructed my bed and moved all the parts, and put together my new bed all in less than an hour and a half. Would hire him again!
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- Maddie S., August 23, 2019
Amazing! Built everything in under 1 hour. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to build an entire bedroom.
- Paloma S., August 23, 2019
The Best Man Ever! 
- Karen V., August 22, 2019
Zarko did an amazing job. He was communicative, arrived early, finished building the furniture quickly and efficiently and cleaned up. I highly recommend him!
- Karen S., August 22, 2019
Excellent work Phillip, Thank you!!!
- Mark D., August 22, 2019

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Kamali F.
1 Furniture Assembly task
2 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
Everything in my house is from ikea and I assembled it all myself. I have also done assemblies for well over 20 other clients. I have a great attention to detail, I work at a fast pace and I am extremely organized. 
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Hans W.
29 Furniture Assembly tasks
209 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
Does assembling that furniture have your thumb throbbing? Then let me come to your aid! I'm equipped with tools, years of furniture assembly experience, a minivan for purchase/furniture delivery, & the attention to detail to get your job done right!
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Puneet V.
1 Furniture Assembly task
1 review: 100% positive

How I can help:
Looking for a honest and reliable tasker.  U can count on me.  
Rodney P.
No Furniture Assembly tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:
IKEA is no match for me! From bed frames to dressers in a box, I will get it put together.
Allen W.
Elite Tasker
91 Furniture Assembly tasks
1013 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
Gallery: http://goo.gl/lO1Wdm I LOVE assembling furniture. I've assembled 120 desks, 80 chairs, 30 tables, dressers, wall-length wardrobes, beds, you name it.
Katherine G.
1 Furniture Assembly task
2 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I LOVE assembling furniture. Said probably no one ever. But I seriously do!  And I’m like Speedy Gonzalez. So if you hate it and want to outsource this task, look no further!
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Aaron M.
46 Furniture Assembly tasks
226 reviews: 87% positive

How I can help:
I have experience assembling and disassembling furniture before joining task rabbit. I used a be an assembling tech for the Handy app. I was also part for store resets and remodeling for SASR
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jeff g.
12 Furniture Assembly tasks
25 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
Furniture assembly and installation in a speedy and professional manor. From simple IKEA furniture to high end office workspaces.
Mark C.
19 Furniture Assembly tasks
48 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I can assemble what you have decided to enhance your home with in a timely fashion and am willing to do so to your satisfaction.
Robert P.
87 Furniture Assembly tasks
172 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I have built many furniture items such as, IKEA furniture and so on. I am comfortable in completing these jobs. I have my own tools and can bring those. I cannot mount anything or put up blinds. I have my own drill and makes things go quicker.
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Mer'Cedes C.
1 Furniture Assembly task
177 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
I can follow directions
Mickey T.
21 Furniture Assembly tasks
286 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I have previously assembled wooden patio furniture , a myriad of IKEA pieces, Entertainment, electronic Uplift Desks, commercial Desks, electric bikes, closetmaid organization systems and many more.
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Daniel R.
482 Furniture Assembly tasks
326 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
Greetings! I have extensive experience with a variety of furniture (IKEA, Sauder, Houzz, Pottery Barn, the usual suspects). Have all necessary tools, reliable transportation. Centrally located in Arlington. Courteous, honest, prompt, professional. *Elite status as of Nov. 2017, **Two hour minimum
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Corey J.
15 Furniture Assembly tasks
186 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I am the go-to assembler among my friends and family. I produce quality work and will ensure that you are satisfied before ending the task. :) 
Joshua J.
2 Furniture Assembly tasks
44 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I’m the best at following instructions and listening to what’s said I can assemble furniture at a reasonable time

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