Best Way to Move Ikea Furniture

September 24, 2010

I just joined Task Rabbit as software engineer #2, so naturally I wanted to try us out. My recent apartment move provided the perfect opportunity to do just that and I soon discovered the BEST way to move Ikea furniture.

Now, I don’t have much, but I do have a few large pieces from big box stores like Ikea and Office Max. The advantage of furniture from these places is that you can break them down into small pieces and move it with a hot, sporty car like my ’92 Toyota Camry. Normally, I would struggle with a buddy and blow an entire day disassembling, moving, and reassembling furniture, but with Task Rabbit – I brought on 2 runners for about 50 bucks who disassembled my Ikea bed, helped move all my stuff, reassembled the bed, and assembled a new desk I just picked up.

A couple hours after we started, I laid down on my bed in the new place! Getting a TR runner to disassemble your furniture before moving is the best way to move for a few reasons:

  1. Structural integrity won’t be compromised during the move (let’s admit Ikea stuff isn’t the most sturdy, especially in its assembled state)
  2. Smaller and easier to transport furniture
  3. Effortless and cost-effective when you use TR

For comparisons sake, I bought some furniture from Ikea and built it myself. We’ve all experienced this before:

  1. Frustration from the simple yet occasionally ambiguous directions
  2. Time wasted building furniture instead of enjoying it
  3. For those of us not handy, it’s a pain and can lead to minor injuries… Yeah, I’m clumsy.

It just makes sense to do what I do best (software engineering) and leave the carpentry stuff to more capable hands. My first Task Rabbit experience was awesome because I got to spend my Saturday enjoying the new place instead of moving and fumbling with furniture assembly!