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A Simple Home Refresh to Beat the Winter Blues


Shorter days and chilly weather got you feeling dreary? You’re not alone. Whether you’re one of about three million people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or you’re just ready to feel the spring breeze and sun, winter can seem never-ending. We could all use a little more self care this season, starting with our personal spaces. Boost your cold weather mood with these small changes to turn your home into a winter oasis.


Light becomes a precious resource in the thick of winter darkness, so look for ways to maximize light when the days get shorter. (Bonus: research shows increased brightness increases your mood and helps regulate sleep.) If you have cool white light bulbs, try swapping them to warm white or daylight bulbs to create a warmer atmosphere in room. Supplement with light boxes or lamps that mimic sunlight (and have been used to treat SAD). To top it off, hang mirrors to boost a room’s natural light.


Don’t let the lack of greenery outside stop you from filling your home with life in the form of houseplants. Choose hardy species that can survive in low light and are well suited to dry air and extreme temperatures (depending on the room). You can’t go wrong with the low-light-loving ZZ plant, which requires minimal watering or a jade plant for drafty spaces.



While you’re bundling up, add new life to a room with a fresh coat of paint. Unsure what color to choose? “Look for something with an undertone that goes with the space,” says Warren K., who’s completed over 500 tasks. For small or darker spaces, Warren recommends going “darker or deeper for more drama and energy.”

RectangleIt doesn’t take much to transform a room’s atmosphere. Switch out heavy, dark curtains for airier drapery to let in more light. Frame and mount some new art or photos from sunnier days. Paint the trim in a specific room. Light a scented candle. Sometimes the smallest of changes can have the most noticeable impact!


Practice some self care this winter. Beat the winter blues with backup from a Tasker.



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  1. it’s always a good idea to keep things moving around as a means of refreshing your living quarters 🙂

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