Post-Holiday Chores? We Can Help.

December 27, 2012

Post Holiday Chores

Post Holiday Chores

Finally. No more cookies to bake, gifts to wrap, hams to glaze… it’s over! But before you can rejoice and ring in the new year, there are a few loose ends to tie up. Like, for instance, that stack of gifts you need to return and exchange. Or those lights lining your house that need to be unstrung and packed away. Or that tree. The one that’s shedding dry needles all over your floor. Relax — TaskRabbits can help with just about all your post-holiday chores.

Gift Returns & Exchanges
When even thinking about braving the mall agains sends shivers up your spine and you have a pile of gifts to deal with, just turn to a trusty TaskRabbit. Whether you need it returned, exchanged, altered, or donated, TaskRabbits can handle it.

Taking Down Decorations
Ready to take down the lights, pack up the stockings, and de-ornament the tree? TaskRabbits can help disassemble all your decor and neatly pack and organize it for next year. No need for you to get tangled up in lights.

Getting Rid of That Tree
Let’s face it: Getting rid of the tree is not nearly as fun as getting it. TaskRabbits can pack away the decorations, empty the stand, vacuum the needles from the carpet, and haul that tree right out of your life. So much better than watching it rot on the curb for a month!

Cleaning and Organizing
Whether you need to restore your home to normalcy after your holiday house guests or you just want a good end-of-the-year scrub, TaskRabbits can help. Wouldn’t it be great to start 2013 with a clean, organized house?