Tasks We ❤️ for Father’s Day

May 22, 2022

picture of father and son smiling

picture of father and son smiling

Not all heroes wear capes – some wear jeans and a t-shirt!

As we approach Father’s Day this year, we thought it would be fun to look back on some of the most unique tasks gifted to dads throughout Taskrabbit’s history. 

How cool is it that:

  • A Tasker delivered dad’s favorite donuts, on behalf of her daughter who couldn’t be there in person.
  • A client got the help of a Tasker when it came to making Father’s Day special. The Tasker picked up everything one would need for the perfect barbecue — including beer — and delivered it to the Client’s dad.
  • A Tasker made sure that a father got the gift his son made for him.
  •  A Tasker picked up a dad’s favorite liquor and delivered the gift with a handwritten note.
  • When an injury prevented a son from visiting his dad over the weekend, he booked a Tasker to deliver tons of his dad’s favorite BBQ items.

Need help delivering a gift even when you can’t do it yourself? We’re here to help!