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Jeff H.
Elite Tasker
5 (136 reviews)
199 electrical help tasks done
How I can help:
Most experienced with electrical work including replacing light fixtures, switches & outlets. Setting up smart home devices, installing strip and tract lighting, troubleshooting faulty electrical outlets and switches. Low voltage outdoor systems.
Machah C.
5 (144 reviews)
238 electrical help tasks done
How I can help:
I have been making and fixing things for a long time (+25 yrs); My background is in electronics. I currently, work professionally in the IT field. The ability to troubleshoot and assemble has always been a part of my background. I perform all of the maintenance for my tenant except where I need licensed professionals to maintain building codes specs. I can do carpentry (medium), pluming (medium), electrical (medium) and auto mechanics (high). There is almost nothing I can't fix, produce or assemble.
Adam T.
5 (18 reviews)
34 electrical help tasks done
How I can help:
I can change your light fixture or ballast your outlet and light switches garbage disposals appliances and more.
Jonathan D.
Elite Tasker
5 (58 reviews)
86 electrical help tasks done
How I can help:
Former maintenance worker with the tools and knowledge to change out or install light fixtures, outlets and switches.
Stan M.
5 (20 reviews)
47 electrical help tasks done
How I can help:
Been helping customers doing electrical help for last two years under home repairs category and finally moving it to it’s own category.  Have experience installing/switching light fixtures (indoor,outdoor), light switches, ceiling fans, bathroom vents, indoor/outdoor cameras, smart doorbells and etc. I have and bring my own tools for the project to be successful, safe and as easy as possible. 
Cameron R.
5 (43 reviews)
76 electrical help tasks done
How I can help:
Trained, experienced electrical help proficient in troubleshooting, repairs and fixture installation and upgrades.
Douglas S.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
While not a licensed pro, I have installed hundreds of light fixtures and changed light switches and diagnosed mini electrical issues for many clients
Terrence B.
5 (2 reviews)
4 electrical help tasks done
How I can help:
I have several years of experience installing ceiling fans, light fixtures, hanging lamps, etc. I bring my own tools and a good attitude.
vernon s.
5 (1 review)
1 electrical help tasks done
How I can help:
I have 4 years of electrical experience. I am able to change outlets, switches, light fixtures and a little trouble shooting. ( 2 hrs min)