18 tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency

April 22, 2021

There are big things we can do to reduce the environmental impact of our homes–but there are also plenty of small things! We’ve put together some energy efficiency tips for any type of home, sorted by the level of effort it takes to implement them. 

These are low cost, low effort things you can start doing as soon as today!

  • Participate in your building’s recycling and composting services
  • Use sustainable cleaning products–ask your Tasker about their cleaning supplies, and provide your own if you have preferences.
  • Save water by scraping plates but not rinsing them before loading the dishwasher. The dishwasher uses less water than hand washing if fully loaded!
  • Wash clothes in cold water, which requires less energy than heated water.
  • Switch out lightbulbs to LED bulbs.
  • Stop using disposable wipes for your kitchen and bathroom, and start using a non-toxic cleaning spray plus a cloth. 
  • Be strategic about closing doors and windows when running an air conditioner to conserve energy.
  • Use lamps rather than overhead lighting, which is not only more targeted to the area where you need light, but also creates prettier ambient light! 

These suggestions require a bit more behavior change but once you get in the habit, you may never look back!

  • Consider the environmental impact of online shopping and set manageable intentions. For instance, buy used clothing or do clothing swaps with friends. If you have a closet full of suits that you’ll never wear again, donate them to an organization like Dress for Success.
  • Upcycle and buy used furniture. If you’re located in the UK or Canada, IKEA has a furniture buyback program (not yet available in the US) for dressers, bookcases, and more. 
  • Defrost and clean out your fridge every 6 months.
  • Install smart home thermostats to ensure heating and cooling are efficient
  • Create an organic vegetable garden–lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, and tomatoes can all thrive even in the smallest of planters or garden beds!
  • Air dry your laundry. If it seems overwhelming to line dry everything, start with your bedding and towels!

These are ideas that you may want to file for later but start thinking about now. The cost/benefit may not be so obvious but consider these actions an investment into a more sustainable future.

  • Get appliances repaired rather than replacing them. Sometimes, the cost of replacing your appliance can be equal to the cost of fixing it. But the planet positive solution is using what you have until it truly can’t be used any more. 
  • Replace your toilet with one that has a water saving and/or dual flush option. You can recycle the toilet seat if plastic. Ask your local water provider for the most eco-friendly way to dispose of the toilet, and get a Tasker to help if it needs to be lifted or hauled. You can also post it on sites like Freecycle in case it is useful to someone else.
  • Look into energy rebates from your local provider for installing solar panels.
  • Use hedges or bushes instead of a fence to create your property lines to save lumber.

You can find Taskers whose profiles mention environmentally friendly services, or you can ask when youchat about your task.



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