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Tomas C.
Elite Tasker
4.9 (106 reviews)
163 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
7 years of construction experience in insulation, drywall, tape and texturing, painting, demolition,roofing, Cabinetry, and flooring. I can also install light fixtures. Some experience in Tile. Almost 4 years on Taskrabbit. 2 hour minimum.
Alex M.
Elite Tasker
5 (118 reviews)
190 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
Let me take care of your home repairs. A damaged wall? The door lock doesn’t work? Broken furniture? I can fix all of that and even much more. My bag has all the necessary tools and hardware. Contact me now!
Mark C.
5 (218 reviews)
382 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
Highly skilled in general home repair work plus minor electrical, plumbing, and light carpentry. Worked w/ GCs and architects on multiple home and commercial projects. Always available to chat re: tasks. Thanks!
Jordan W.
5 (73 reviews)
135 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
Currently, I work as a handyman/home improvement contractor. Carpentry, wall repair, electrical, and plumbing are all well within my abilities. My priority is professionalism and customer satisfaction and I can make changes or build new as needed.
Nick A.
Elite Tasker
5 (65 reviews)
104 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
Licensed, bonded, and insured handyman here to help with various minor repairs and honey-do list items. Drywall repair, door issues, appliance repair, things falling off wall or apart, weatherstripping, caulking, etc! (No plumbing or electrical)
5 (174 reviews)
259 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
I am here do all those small tasks you just cant get done and more. I can do a wide variety pf tasks in a timely manner. I have a truck full of tools for the job.
John L.
5 (73 reviews)
93 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
Hello I’m John and I can help you with your minor home repairs. I have 20 years of experience in basic home maintenance with all of the tools required. *Please note that I do not offer work involving extension ladders, tile or drywall.
Casey H.
5 (61 reviews)
96 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
I specialize in drywall and painting tasks. I have also been doing handyman repairs for private clients for a little over three years now. I have an assortment of tools, I’m very dedicated, and great at problem-solving, and I would love to help you.
Samuel V.
Elite Tasker
4.9 (84 reviews)
154 commercial handyman tasks done
How I can help:
From plumbing to electrical work, I’ve done it all. About 2 years experience working as a handyman/ structural maintenance. I have the knowledge as well as a large collection of tools and supplies to get virtually any job handled. 2 hr min

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