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Tomas C.
Elite Tasker
5 (33 reviews)
48 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
Familiar with Construction for several years. I have reputable experience in assembling furniture. I've assembled countless IKEA furniture assemblies Over 4 and a half years with taskrabbit now. I usually finish sooner than the quoted assembly time estimate.
Aidin F.
Elite Tasker
5 (173 reviews)
277 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I’m experienced,organized and on time . bring my own supplies and would love to help you get the job done.
Samuel V.
5 (21 reviews)
38 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
Own my own tools and supplies. Lots of experience assembling all types of furniture IKEA, target, Walmart, you name it. Quick to get the job done but am also careful as not to break pieces or scratch things up.
Bryce G.
5 (95 reviews)
143 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I have many years of experience in theatrical carpentry as well as putting together plenty of IKEA, Home Depot, and other commercial furnishings. I’m also great at troubleshooting. ;-) If you have a PAX system, I require at least one other person.
Jordan W.
Elite Tasker
4.9 (35 reviews)
54 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I currently work in carpentry, construction, and handy-man work. Assembling or building items from scratch is my forté. I am able to make alterations if necessary and I also build custom furniture/shelving with high quality finishes.
Mark C.
5 (39 reviews)
69 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
It comes from loving legos, and models as a kid and I build to last. Detailed, thorough, and excellent with instructions. Recently refurbished our home with a great deal of furniture requiring assembly including beds, dressers, couches, etc. 
Anton N.
Elite Tasker
5 (57 reviews)
89 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
4 years experience, have my own tools, would be happy to help you.
John L.
Elite Tasker
5 (113 reviews)
149 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
Hello I’m John and I can help you assemble everything from bed frames to shelving and more. I have assembled various IKEA and Wayfair pieces of furniture.
Nick A.
5 (91 reviews)
129 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
Licensed, bonded, and insured handyman with years of experience assembling furniture, exercise equipment, gazebos, etc. I am able to make sense of even the most non-sensical instructions. I build quickly, carefully, and don’t leave a mess!