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Andrew G.
Elite Tasker
82 Cleaning tasks
752 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
2 hour minimum. I have a very discriminating eye for the cleanness of a space and I will assume that you do too. I travel with all supplies including a Dyson vacuum.
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Jennifer A.
7 Cleaning tasks
8 reviews: 87% positive

How I can help:
I have several years experience as a housekeeper/organizer and I have confidence that my work is high quality so that clients are delighted.
John D.
26 Cleaning tasks
89 reviews: 89% positive

How I can help:
I have done tons of cleanings as A TR from cat hair filled homes, to a backyard BBQ that had not been cleaned for years to airbnb apartments
Otto D.
366 Cleaning tasks
982 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
I done over 100 cleaning task and my record and profile speaks for itself. If you need your place clean and you expect a good job. Look no further. I am a good pick. I hope to help you out with your cleaning task.
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Angel H.
No Cleaning tasks
144 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
I currently work as a Senior Maintenance Manager training and managing cleaning staff for an elite fitness company. Cleaning & Maintenance is my specialty and I have a good eye for detail.
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Michelle C.
Elite Tasker
70 Cleaning tasks
49 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
In my time as a Tasker 90% of my tasks have been cleaning tasks. I have experience with all levels of cleaning including surface cleaning to deep cleaning. I am very thorough. My experience includes laundry and eco-friendly cleaning.
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Darsell B.
9 Cleaning tasks
123 reviews: 95% positive

How I can help:
As per earlier description, cleaning can be daunting, however, I'd be glad to help.  Please note - no heavy lifting and you must have your own supplies.
Joe P.
19 Cleaning tasks
26 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I am obsessed with detail when it comes to cleaning. : Example:  medicine cabinets need to have all items taken out and every surface sparkle before returning items to their original place. Bringing order to laundry, dishes, floors, windows and closets is my passion. My reviews are excellent.   Cleanings are generally thorough but don’t include time intensive things like folding laundry, ironing, washing walls,  shampooing carpets, inside ovens or fridge.  But let’s talk about the job and we can figure out what your needs are     I have a portable steam cleaner for tough greasy messes in kitchens and tough tiled areas.  The steam mop also cleans hardwood floors safely. 
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Angel G.
29 Cleaning tasks
48 reviews: 87% positive

How I can help:
Squeaky Clean is my middle name! Cleaning is (oddly) something I enjoy accomplishing! Nothing like getting down to the nitty-gritty! I’m efficient with time and super organized in getting the job done with precision! Using top quality eco friendly cleaning products is my fave part! So you come home to the great aroma of CLEAN! 
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Customer Reviews

Bwnjamin is excellent ar detail work. I have a egilar housekeeper but , though my apartment looks clans, it truly isn't.
- zarela m., February 21, 2019
We're so happy to have found Theresa - we tried really a lot of different cleaners on Task Rabbit and Theresa is perfect. She is open to direction, cares a lot about getting things right and has a knack for tidying as well as cleaning. We're so happy!
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- Kirsti S., February 20, 2019
Came ready to work! Did a great job!
- James S., February 20, 2019
Lauren was delightful. Cleaned the place thoroughly and mopped the floors, which I've never had a task rabbit do. I would hire her again.
- Elizabeth C., February 20, 2019
Excellent Job Cleaning My Balcony. Punctual, Patient, Professional, Courteous & Does Very Thorough Work Efficiently & Expeditiously. Highly Recommended. A+ 😀
- Natasha M., February 20, 2019
She did a great job
- Michael S., February 20, 2019
Diasia was extremely efficient, did a great job, and was flexible with my schedule! 5 star review and would definitely hire her again!
- Priyanka S., February 20, 2019
Christopher was very courteous and worked steadily and efficiently. He did a very good job and I would hire him again. 
- Jacqui O., February 20, 2019
Great job Paul. Way to go. Will hire you again soon.
- Mark S., February 20, 2019
Kevin exceeded my expectation, more than affordable rate & great customer service. Will hire again 👌🏽
- Dale P., February 20, 2019
- Harrymichaelstone R., February 19, 2019
Percival was prompt, professional and courteous. He came prepared and did a great job. 
- Hena L., February 19, 2019
Ron is really kind and did a great job. I'll hire him again !
- Sandra L., February 19, 2019
Nelson was great, did a thorough cleaning job on my hardwood floors! Will use him again soon.
- adam t., February 19, 2019
She's Great !
- Leidy H., February 19, 2019
Amazing as usual and very pleasant to have around
- Anastasia Y., February 19, 2019
did a great job, punctual and was flexible with a reschedule
- Scott S., February 19, 2019
Percival was on time (slightly early), and came with all the equipment/tools he needed in order to get the job done. He got straight to work, and my apartment was gleaming within 3 hours. Would definitely use his services again!
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- David B., February 19, 2019
This was the best and most thorough cleaning job I have ever gotten. They scrubbed every inch in a timely manner. I can eat off my bathroom floors now. Great job!
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- Avi S., February 19, 2019
Really good work. Kind, and on time. Did a great job!
- Adam S., February 19, 2019
He arrived even earlier and did an amazing job! Will definitely work with high again.
- Gokce E., February 19, 2019
Tony is amazing! He did a fantastic job. He's quick, skilled, communicative and a lovely person! I'm going to use him again.
- Tina K., February 19, 2019
Idris did a great job thoroughly cleaning our place including going above and beyond by getting our toaster shiny-as-new on the inside. She was also very thorough and punctual in her communcation about the Task.
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- adam s., February 18, 2019
Ron is awesome! He’s very thorough and made sure every detail is perfect. Would hire him again.
- Jack Y., February 18, 2019

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More Taskers Nearby

Alex B.
No Cleaning tasks
10 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
As only child I have been doing this since age twelve for friends and relatives and have been told I'm quit good
Ladan K.
5 Cleaning tasks
15 reviews: 93% positive

How I can help:
I'm great at cleaning and organizing, and have also helped with Airbnb rentals, which includes picking up supplies, cleaning, organizing, meeting the client, follow up, etc..
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Davina E.
202 Cleaning tasks
134 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
A great cleaner and dresses nicely while I clean. I am flexible, agreeable, knowledgeable, I follow instructions, communicate well, I work quick, I am kind and dependable. I am great with children, disabled, injured, the elderly and pets.
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Onelsis L.
113 Cleaning tasks
123 reviews: 89% positive

How I can help:
Bathrooms: Scrubbing stink, toilets, shower, bathtub, and mirrors. Kitchen: Wash dishes, wipe cabinets, backsplash, counters, and appliances. Floors: Sweeping & mopping Tidy: Straighten & Organize (Allergic to cats, please do not hire me)
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Alana S.
1 Cleaning task
3 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I am a perfectionist and always keep my home clean and organized.
Latrica R.
Elite Tasker
370 Cleaning tasks
270 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
I am a cleaning machine, very detailed. I get the job done with some music to groove to. (FYI) The only thing I don't have is a vacuum. (I’M ALLERGIC TO CATS)
Claudia M.
138 Cleaning tasks
134 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
Spring Home Cleaning? Light cleaning  ✨Detailed cleaning All areas.✨Pet friendly ?? planet friendly ? I love to clean ? HAVE a BROOM MOP BUCKET thx
Wendy B.
21 Cleaning tasks
25 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
I am thorough and clean like i am cleaning at home that is why I walk with a few of my own cleaning staples micro fiber clothes, Ajax, Brillo pads,etc. I have cleaned in a private art gallery, brownstones, apartments, lofts, showrooms and in offices on past tasks.
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Jerry R.
190 Cleaning tasks
518 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I'M A BIT OCD, so by nature I love to see a place clean. I'm great at cleaning even Deep cleaning kitchens+ Bathrooms. I Promise, your space will be spotless and look fantastic. I don't carry any cleaning supplies. Minimum 2 hour charge.
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Daniel M.
2 Cleaning tasks
8 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I'm a bit of a neat freak.
Traci G.
11 Cleaning tasks
15 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I am happy to provide a basic surface cleaning (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) using your supplies, vacuuming, laundry. 2 hr min. for Manhattan
Israel M.
5 Cleaning tasks
48 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I am very thorough with every cleaning task, making sure to get the hard to reach places.
Augusto B.
3 Cleaning tasks
21 reviews: 85% positive

How I can help:
i clean like its my own place. i preffer when the client have all the cleaning supplements. i can clean anything. 
Philomena B.
46 Cleaning tasks
58 reviews: 94% positive

How I can help:
3 hour min. My reviews in cleaning and organizing are top notch. I work carefully to make sure each clients' home sparkles and shines! 
Steven B.
50 Cleaning tasks
53 reviews: 84% positive

How I can help:
My specialty is cleaning. I do cleaning ALL the time. I've had multiple maintenance jobs before. I also provide my own cleaning supplies. 

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