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Johnnie M.
15 Help Moving tasks
117 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
I will make sure the move is done correctly and safe as possibly when it comes to dealing with heavy and valuable items   
Sebastian L.
Elite Tasker
69 Help Moving tasks
339 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I can move boxes and heavy items, and also help with packing items. I have a dolly, tools and I have a sedan with fold-down back seats as well, BUT I definitely recommend renting a moving truck for most moves. I look forward to helping you move!
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John D.
8 Help Moving tasks
89 reviews: 89% positive

How I can help:
Great with packing or unpacking pre move in or post move out cleans also I have a car share membership vehicle at this time
tom v.
Elite Tasker
77 Help Moving tasks
291 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
I'm strong, efficient, and most of all extremely careful with everything that I lift or move - treating it as if it were my own. I have years of experience with residential and corporate tasks, and I'm happy to have earned many repeat clients. 
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Obi M.
154 Help Moving tasks
262 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
I'm great at moving quickly & efficiently. Whether it's couches or boxes, let's get it done! I also have a large SUV to help move things too
Christian D.
Elite Tasker
739 Help Moving tasks
991 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
Easy way to be PROFESSIONALLY Moved.  For 2 Tasker Movers,  Here’s the rate:  ✅$100 FLAT for the BOX TRUCK  ✅$ 25 FLAT per flight of stairs if we use the stairs  ✅And 2 hours minimum the hourly rate. Certificate of insurance available.  Don’t worry about disassembling and reassembling, WE DO IT.  Furnitures and fragile items will be wrapped like a new born. Now GO AHEAD AND CLICK “THE SELECT” BUTTON
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Jabari N.
14 Help Moving tasks
70 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I'm good with lifting heavy boxes, using handcarts, and packing and unpacking anything you need!
Jose P.
86 Help Moving tasks
110 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I can say all my reviews are excellent when it comes to moving because I'm strong and make sure I move your items carefully and safely. I pride myself on starting on time and finishing with satisfactory completeness!!!!
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David C.
Elite Tasker
639 Help Moving tasks
809 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
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Customer Reviews

His tasker name may be "Daniel A"... but my nickname for him is "Daniel A to Z" because Danny covers absolutely everything! He is prompt, detailed, conscientious, friendly, neat, and tireless. Danny's care & precision while he helped me pack for my move *actually* made things *neater* than before the packing began! I'm amazed & so grateful. I will definitely be tasking with him again very soon! -- Joanna :)
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- Joanna A., February 20, 2019
Matthew was professional and efficient. I would highly recommend him!
- D N., February 20, 2019
Noah was excellent! I would recommend him without any reservation. 
- isabelle f., February 20, 2019
Morgan performed beyond expectations! I would hire him again in a nanosecond. I highly recommend his services.
- Betty S., February 20, 2019
Marraki is perfect for any moving tasks. He arrived on time and even brought straps to help with moving cumbersome items. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone. He did a great job.
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- kirk e., February 20, 2019
Arthur was fantastic! Communicative, responsive, and took initiative. He went above and beyond to make sure my task was completed. The best!
- Jochebed S., February 20, 2019
Sarah was incredibly kind, professional and efficient. She finished the job faster than I could have thought possible and kept everything so organized. Couldn't recommend her more!
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- Emma T., February 20, 2019
Morgan was incredibly kind, professional and efficient. He finished the job faster than I could have thought possible and kept everything so organized. Couldn't recommend him more!
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- Emma T., February 20, 2019
Kevin arrived early and ready to get the moving done. He had a great attitude and was pleasant to work with.
- Nisha V., February 20, 2019
Best mover ever!!
- Stevie V., February 20, 2019
I would give Jeff my highest recommendation. Prompt. professional and great communications. This was my first time using Task Rabbit and the experience with Jeff was 100% satsifactory.
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- PAUL T., February 20, 2019
She was absolutely amazing! Very accommodating, efficient, communicative, and not to mention sweet. I would rebook her in a heart beat.
- Rachel G., February 20, 2019
Brendon arrived on time with short notice. He helped me move up a 6 floor walk up. He carried all the heaviest boxes! Thank you Brendon!
- Shodie L., February 20, 2019
Gil was awesome! Very fast and efficient, we moved out of my storage and up to my 3rd floor walk-up in a breeze. I would definitely hire him again!
- Wilmaris F., February 20, 2019
Very efficient and helpful! Would definitely hire him again.
- Laurens S., February 20, 2019
We were supposed to have 2 people to help remove a sofa couch from my apartment to the curb in a three story walk up. There was a mixup with the other person and he wasn’t able to come. Justin was able to improvise and he disassembled the sofa couch and removed it from my apartment to the curb independently. He was very skilled, creative, and patient with the issue at hand. Would totally hire him again!
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- Meliza W., February 20, 2019
Incredibly nice and helpful!
- Lindsay M., February 19, 2019
Joshua was on time, really friendly and helped with exactly what we needed !!
- Deana B., February 19, 2019
Erik was very communicative and helpful with the moving of a heavy item up quite a lot of stairs. Very professional and knew what he was doing! Would absolutely hire him again for any type of moving job!
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- Grace L., February 19, 2019
Andy was great however it’s 150$ more than I expected.  
- Richard G., February 19, 2019
Great job! Thank you.
- Norma W., February 19, 2019
Very communicative and well-prepared. Marc made the move super easy.
- Matthew D., February 19, 2019
Deshawn was really great- he was able to coordinate with a short time frame and made sure everything was done with quality. He is a calculated mover making ever trip as efficient and careful as possible. Excellent to work with him and I'd highly recommend him
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- Shelby V., February 19, 2019
Alberto seriously MADE my move! He was so fast, super punctual, so nice, very careful with my things and definitely worked his ass of to make my move happen as quickly as possible! He's amazing, I recommend him 100%.
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- Laura S., February 19, 2019

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More Taskers Nearby

Grant T.
Elite Tasker
22 Help Moving tasks
274 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
I am 6'3", 230 lbs ex Rugby player who regularly goes to the gym. I can lift most household items with ease and take great care of your valuable possessions. Get $10 off with Promo code: TSK7QW
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Michelle M.
5 Help Moving tasks
108 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
If you are looking for someone to help you pack/unpack that does a great job along with some laughs, look no further! Moving is extremely stressful but I can help take the load off by taking your direction and assisting with whatever it is you need.
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Beck M.
59 Help Moving tasks
160 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
Zipvan is optional. Please message me for details, with questions.
Alex B.
4 Help Moving tasks
10 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I have been a mover for the past few years and am very careful, diligent, detail oriented and punctual.
Dante J.
76 Help Moving tasks
238 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
Have managed and conducted a wide range of moves. Specializing in coordinating a speady and organized move to your satisfaction.
Abraham F.
65 Help Moving tasks
324 reviews: 94% positive

How I can help:
I have plenty of experience moving, know how to pack a truck & organize ppl for good efficiency. I DO NOT DRIVE STUFF AROUND FOR YOU.
Andrew J.
79 Help Moving tasks
359 reviews: 89% positive

How I can help:
I helped LeBron James move from Cleveland to Miami in 2010... Hired me to move him back 2014... Must've done something right. Always available. Quick, efficient & easy to work with. Very very active so this work comes pretty easy.
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Yasmin C.
No Help Moving tasks
12 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I have 3 years of stock experience and 4 years of experience, packing, unpacking and moving furniture at work. I have successfully completed several packing & shipping tasks. I cannot do any repetitive heavy lifting, 20lbs, due to a hand injury.
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Alana S.
No Help Moving tasks
3 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
Ive moved about nine times in my life and over the years Ive developed some pretty great secret tricks
Joshua E.
21 Help Moving tasks
149 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
Please let me know if it’s a walk up! 
Diego A.
Elite Tasker
549 Help Moving tasks
722 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
Reliable, efficient and experienced movers. We are licensed and Insured. We provide a 20' BOX TRUCK w/LiftGate. My rate includes 2 MOVERS + TRUCK w/LiftGate.(2 HOUR MINIMUM). We also provide all necessary equipment and supplies(moving blankets, dollies, shrink wrap, etc) to transport your items safely and efficiently. We provide Certificate of Insurance(COI) upon request. 
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Andre W.
166 Help Moving tasks
612 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
My SUV and i love assisting clients with sublet, studio & 1 bedroom moves. If you  have a Uhaul or moving van hire me to load/unload. Please include dimensions LxWxH for any sizeable items such as boxes, mirrors, bedframes, chairs and plastic bins. 
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Daniel M.
2 Help Moving tasks
8 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I just moved back from Cali so trust me I know how to pack and unpack. I do not own a car.
Israel M.
9 Help Moving tasks
48 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I have helped lots of people move through taskrabbit. My reviews speak for themselves.
Diane R.
Elite Tasker
47 Help Moving tasks
454 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
Ready to help with un/packing for your move, furniture disassembly, and moving. Speedy, careful & always respectful!

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