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Trevor J.
274 Heavy Lifting tasks
432 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
I'm strong and fit with years of experience.I do heavy lifting jobs on a daily basis .
William Z.
54 Heavy Lifting tasks
367 reviews: 95% positive

How I can help:
Years of labor, kitchen, and warehouse work have instructed me in the best methods of moving heavy objects from one spot to another.
Montae R.
239 Heavy Lifting tasks
1060 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
Need yr Uhaul loaded/unloaded? Need heavy things moved around in yr home/office, need help in yr storage unit? I also have a moving an to help you transport your things. (Please note: I don't assemble/disassemble furniture)
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Larry P.
Elite Tasker
184 Heavy Lifting tasks
809 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
I have a truck and I get the job done wasting no time.
Steve T.
12 Heavy Lifting tasks
162 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I have a lot of experience moving, and I work out a lot so let me do the heavy lifting for you! I will take care of your items as of they were my own!
Juan R.
9 Heavy Lifting tasks
363 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
I have plenty of strength to do heavy lifting. I have experience moving heavy items up and down flight of stairs and can take charge in directing a move. I also have a dolly and will take care of your items as if they were my own.
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Michel M.
83 Heavy Lifting tasks
557 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I have a Toyota Tacoma pickup,  dolly and moving blankets. I have more than 450 positive reviews from happy TaskRabbit customer. My TaskRabbit fee is only for the Valley. (From Lankershim to Valley Circle) If you would like me to travel out side of the valley, I would need to stop the clock once I am back in the Valley. 
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Robert M.
Elite Tasker
96 Heavy Lifting tasks
324 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
Strong lifter, very careful, punctual, organized, responsible. I have a "padded" Ford F-150 pick up Truck, blankets, tie downs, dolly, tools. Truck has a Crew Cab for fragile items and a "1.5 hour" billing minimum. Look forward to working with you!
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Ian L.
Elite Tasker
28 Heavy Lifting tasks
134 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I have reorganized a lot of homes, apartments and offices. I can rearrange, assemble and discard or move items with my truck. I can also collect Junk with a trailer that I have access to for an additional fee. I require a one hour minimum pay.
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Positive Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great guy for the job!! Got right to it and finished in no time. 
- Mysty L., December 16, 2018
Awesome. Would highly recommend him. I will hire him in the future for more tasks.
- Paul B., December 15, 2018
Mohammad was great! He got the task done quickly with a professional and friendly demeanor. Would definitely hire him again in the future. Thank you Mohammad and jackrabbit for your help 😊
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- Suzy D., December 15, 2018
Jantzn was great! Easily helped me take an old bed and mattress to the dump!
- Micaela M., December 15, 2018
Atef was excellent in all areas. He made great suggestions in packing a huge amount of boxes on a very big truck and he worked super fast. Very personable and communicative. Would hire him again for sure.
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- Pat W., December 15, 2018
john was very personable, and worked fast. He made good suggestions on packing and loading the moving truck. Would hire him again in a minute. A+++++ all the way!
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- Pat W., December 15, 2018
Luis was courteous, well-prepared, and did the job quickly, but with care. We will definitely work with him again! Thank you!
- Laura K., December 15, 2018
Chris was amazing!! Puntual, polite, helpful,fast,patient!!! Excellent !! I would totally work with him again and I highly recomend him!!
- Melissa T., December 15, 2018
Friendly, thoughtful, and strong as hell. Would hire again in a heartbeat!!
- Matthew G., December 14, 2018
Trent was extremely helpful! I appreciated that he was on time, efficient and willing to help out as needed! Plus, he lifted some VERY heavy potted plants! I will definitely hire him again! 
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- Amy J., December 14, 2018
Thanks Edwin you are an awesome worker!
- Lisa W., December 13, 2018
Nothing short of perfect!!!
- Davis B., December 13, 2018
Great and reliable! I’ve hired him twice and Would again!
- Carrie B., December 13, 2018
He’s super reliable. I’ve hired him twice already! 
- Carrie B., December 13, 2018
Best tasker  I have had bar none 
- Paul S., December 13, 2018
Jason is top notch. Hope he is available next time I need help!!!
- Gina V., December 13, 2018
Payman was courteous, considerate and overall just a really nice college student. He was a pleasure to have and helped  with moving some furniture pieces and also assisted with putting on a new boat cover. 
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- Chris S., December 13, 2018
Super punctual and efficient. Would definitely hire again. Thank you.
- Gina S., December 12, 2018
He did a great job, i will be having him organanize my garage.
- Georgana T., December 12, 2018
Scott was very helpful and even assisted in assembling the table he picked up. Thank you!
- Marie S., December 12, 2018
Absolutely amazing and a real problem solver. This was a difficult task and real Heavy lifting (major appliances) with a small group of men. I would definitely hire him again!
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- Kaylene P., December 11, 2018
Problem Solver! Strong and smart, too!
- Kaylene P., December 11, 2018
- Mary V., December 11, 2018
Prompt, professional and strong. Thank you!
- Felicia Z., December 11, 2018

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More Taskers Nearby

Musab G.
25 Heavy Lifting tasks
168 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
I can carry very heavy items. I am very careful.
Wilson S.
46 Heavy Lifting tasks
209 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I would love to help you out with you task! I drive a 16"feet box truck or a cargo van with dollys, furniture blankets and moving equitment, two hours minimum please. 
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steven c.
No Heavy Lifting tasks
2 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I have a truck to move anything that will fit in it.  I am very physically fit and have lots of experience moving very heavy items.  
Christopher O.
60 Heavy Lifting tasks
294 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I weight train religiously for moments such as this where I get to tell you all about it. I'll make sure it's organized as well.
Jonathan M.
No Heavy Lifting tasks
69 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
Worked for a moving company for several years!
Gil R.
16 Heavy Lifting tasks
321 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
Heavy lifting is my hobby. Hundreds of hours of exp.I can also discard any items.
Marisa G.
No Heavy Lifting tasks
21 reviews: 85% positive

How I can help:
I dont like clutter and I have a great eye for what looks good in a house. I promise you won't be disappointed with the results.
farzad h.
No Heavy Lifting tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:
Sorting, arranging, labelling, discarding and more
Christopher G.
Elite Tasker
47 Heavy Lifting tasks
425 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
Strong, 6'2" with 5+ years of professional moving, packing, and organization experience. I always love to give a helping hand with care and a smile! Please see my reviews for more info. *Please note: 2 hour minimum due to high demand. Thanks!
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Topher J.
6 Heavy Lifting tasks
27 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
Big, strong and organized guy.
Dominic W.
26 Heavy Lifting tasks
414 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I have cleared houses, sold house contents. arranged systems. 25 years experience. This type of job normally includes use of my truck , hence this rate. If you are just looking for a laborer then this is still my rate.
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Wes S.
Elite Tasker
45 Heavy Lifting tasks
233 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I have helped people move their heavy items for over 10 years! Hire me and receive top notch service from a Tasker with 100% positive reviews. I have a large cargo van that is able to take very large loads (length=12ft height=6ft) with plenty of straps and moving blankets
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charles s.
5 Heavy Lifting tasks
50 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I go to the gym everyday and really love to workout. Heavy lifting is a piece of cake. I'll get the job done right.
Eduardo F.
2 Heavy Lifting tasks
21 reviews: 85% positive

How I can help:
I'm strong. I may look thin, but I always amaze others with my strength. I'm careful and know various ways to lift and move important items.
Mike T.
14 Heavy Lifting tasks
111 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I've been a laborer in one way or another for years. Let me at it, and I'll take care of it.

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