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Need your TV mounted, lawn mowed, and house cleaned? Taskrabbit is here to help across the Houston area. Browse all of the services offered in your area below.

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a person mounting an extendable TV bracket to the wall with a TV attached.

TV Mounting

Taskers can properly mount your TV on the wall and leave you happily clicking the remote.

a person assembling an IKEA organizer unit.

IKEA Furniture Assembly

Overwhelmed by the thought of assembling that IKEA furniture? We can put together your desk, bed, cabinet, or bookcase.

someone mowing weeds using a weed eater.

Lawn Care

The grass is always greener when it's watered and mowed. Let local Taskers take excellent care of your lawn so you don't have to.

someone installing an air conditioning unit onto a wall.

Install Air Conditioner

Hire a Tasker to help install or remove air conditioners from your windows.

a person removing weeds from a garden using gloves and a trowel


Looking for a weed removal service? Hire a Tasker for all of your weed pulling needs to spruce up your yard!

a person installing a fence and drilling a screw into a fence post.

Fence installation

Broken fence post? Overgrown vines? Need a new fence? Taskers can help.

a person installing a gas range into a kitchen counter.

Appliance Installation & Repair

Washing machine making a funny sound? Dishwasher not washing the way it used to? Hire a Tasker to help get them back in working order!

a person mowing a lawn from an aerial view.

Lawn Mowing

If you're thinking 'I need my grass cut today!' then consider hiring a Tasker. Find same day lawn mowing services with Taskrabbit.

two men moving a couch from a truck into a house with moving boxes sitting outside the truck

Full service movers

Feel the joy of a move you barely have to move for. From packing to moving to unpacking, full service Taskers can help with every step of your move.

a person scrubbing backsplash tile behind a stove with a sponge and gloves.

Deep cleaning

Have a space that needs extra attention to make it sparkle? Taskers will apply some elbow grease to the job.

a person repairing blinds while standing on a ladder

Blinds Repair

If you blinds are jammed or are just looking a bit out of shape, Taskers can help you get them looking great and working well.

a person installing a metal chandelier on to a ceiling

Light Installation

From replacing light bulbs to installing light fixtures, capable Taskers can shed some light on your space.

a carpenter measuring wood and marking wood for a project


Need something built? Skilled Taskers can help with carpentry and construction work.

a picture of a person using vacuum to clean carpeted stairs

Carpet cleaning

Get help with those tough stains in your rugs and carpets!

a handyman with his tools in a kitchen preparing for a project


Jacks (and Jills) of all trades can handle most of your minor home repairs.

a person placing a drywall patch over a hole in a wall.

Drywall Repair

Have a hole in your wall or ceiling? Taskers will patch up your drywall for you!

a person trimming tree branches with a gas powered chainsaw

Tree trimming

Hire a Tasker for all your tree trimming needs! Taskers can help with everything from tree cutting to stump removal.

a person repairing a piece of furniture

Door repair

Jacks (and Jills) of all trades can handle most of your minor home repairs.

a woman planting plants in a fenced garden


Hire a Tasker for all of your gardening needs. From new plants to garden maintenance, there's a Tasker who can help!

someone cleaning a window sill with moving boxes in the background

Move Out Cleaning

You can't move out of your house without cleaning first. Save yourself a headache and have a trusted Tasker provide end of lease cleaning services.

someone working on a laptop while taking notes at a desk

Personal Assistant

Organized and efficient Taskers can be your extra pair of hands, handling any task. Hire a personal assistant today!

a person pushing a shopping cart while shopping

Errand Running Service

Have a long to-do list? Let Taskers pick up your dry cleaning, take packages to the post office, pick up prescriptions, or do your shopping.

a person trimming hedges into a square with a hedge trimmer.

Hedge Trimming

Hire a Tasker to trim your overgrown hedges. Same day service available!

a person measuring and leveling points to drill into a wall to install mounting brackets

General Mounting

From TVs to shelves to artwork to lights, Taskers will make sure it's properly mounted and hung.

a person fixing a window latch on a swinging window.

Window Repair

Windows a bit leaky or broken? Hire a Tasker to help fix your windows!

a person installing porcelain tile onto a wall

Flooring and tiling

Need help installing new flooring or tile? Taskers can help remove, install, or fix flooring!

a person painting an exterior brick wall grey using a paint roller

Outdoor Painting

Get your patio, deck, fence, siding, and much more painted. Taskers will help you complete your painting project and make your outdoor space beautiful.

a person using a caulking gun to seal the edges of a window.

Sealing and Caulking

Need the edges of your windows sealed or need the area around the bathtub caulked? Taskers are here to help!

someone mounting a shelving bracket to the wall to hold up a newly installed shelf.

Shelf Mounting

Need a hand mounting or installing shelves? Hire a Tasker with experience mounting shelves to the wall. Same-day service available!

a person painting a brick wall white with a paint roller brush.

Concrete and Brick painting

Whether it's an entire house, a room, or a wall, we can get it painted to your satisfaction.

a woman hanging wallpaper with a yellow design on it.


Hire a Tasker to install or remove wallpaper from any room in your house.

a picture of someone picking up a modern couch and removing it from a home.

Furniture Removal

Hire some muscles to help you remove pieces of furniture from your home.

moving boxes and a couch covered in a sheet in preparation for moving.

Help Moving

Need something hauled away or help in your home as part of a move? Our Taskers are here to help.

someone loading junk into the back of a truck.

Junk Removal

Is your home cluttered with old furniture and junk that you want to get rid of? Hire a Tasker to remove it and haul it to the dump.

a person using a measuring tape to measure the length of a wall

Room Measuring

Hire a tasker to take measurements of all the rooms in your home.

an image of a person placing glass dishes into a box with packing peanuts

Packing Services

Find packing services near you and prepare for a stress-free move! Hire a Tasker to help with packing and get moving in a snap.

a picture of ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Taskers can install, replace, repair, and remove ceiling fans–anywhere in your home!

a man mowing a lawn with a lawnmower.


We can clean up your yard and remove any yard waste or rubbish.

someone organizing towels and linens into baskets and labeling them with a label maker

Home Organizing

Taskers can help de-clutter and organize your home.

a woman wrapping gifts using wrapping paper and ribbons

Gift Wrapping

Looking for professional gift wrappers to help out for the holidays? Hire a Tasker for gift wrapping services!

a picture of a person handing a delivery to another person

Delivery Service

Need something delivered across town? Taskers will safely transport anything from couches to documents to take-out food.

a person painting a remote control toy car.

Toy Assembly

Don’t have time to put together those fancy new toys your kids were gifted? TaskRabbit can provide toy assembly services and put them together in a snap.

a man taking inventory of moving boxes for a move.

Local Movers

Looking for a local mover with a truck? Hire a Tasker for your short distance move and take the stress out of moving.

a person hanging christmas lights on the roof of a house.

Hang Christmas Lights

Need someone to hang Christmas lights? Sit back and relax while your Tasker lights up your home.

a man and a woman lifting a heavy chest of drawers

Heavy Lifting

Get help moving heavy furniture without sacrificing your back. From couches to beds, Taskers can move heavy furniture with ease.

A person installing a switch next to an electrical outlet with a drill.

Electrical help

Taskers can help with electrical work for you. Same day bookings available.

a bearded man salting concrete to melt snow and prevent ice from forming

Sidewalk salting and shoveling

Salt sidewalks, driveways, stairs, and walkways to make snow removal easier.

a person raking leaves in the fall in their backyard.

Leaf Removal

Taskers will come and rake the leaves from your yard and bag them up.

a man organizing boxes inside of a garage

Garage Cleaning

Garage cluttered and dirty? Taskers can clean it up and leave it perfectly organized.

a person cleaning a sink with a wash cloth and a cleaning bottle.

One-time Cleaning

No time to clean the house? Rest easy and let a Tasker help. Make your home look spotless with efficient one time cleaning and maid service.

a woman using a smart thermostat to set the temperature in her home.

Smart Home Installation

Hire a Tasker to take your home into the 21st century with smart home installation services.

a person cleaning a sink with a wash cloth and a cleaning bottle.

House Cleaning

Looking for house cleaning services? Let us help. No matter the task, local cleaners can handle all your residential and home cleaning needs.

someone laying sod next to a stone path and flower bed

Landscaping Services

Keep your landscape picture perfect. From landscape maintenance to design, Taskers will keep your yard looking fantastic. Find help now.

someone shoveling snow from a driveway

Snow Removal

Hire a snow shoveller to dig out your car, shovel your sidewalk or get rid of snow & ice wherever it's popped up! Same day service available.

someone using a monkey wrench to tighten a drain pipe underneath a sink.


Seasoned Taskers will clear out your plumbing problems.

two people moving a couch to a different area of a home.

Furniture Rearranging

Need help making your house more homey? Get help rearranging your furniture here.

a person decorating a couch with decorative pillows

Home Decorating

We can help you create the perfect ambiance for your home. Hire us to take care of all the details.

a person working on a laptop in an office setting.

Executive Assistant

Organized and efficient Taskers can be your extra pair of hands, handling any task. Hire a personal assistant today!

a man accessing pipes inside of a wall to fix them.

Home repairs

Jacks (and Jills) of all trades can handle most of your minor home repairs.

a paint roller painting a grey wall white


Whether it's an entire house, a room, or a wall, Taskers can get it painted to your satisfaction.

two people moving a coffee table in a living room

Move one piece of furniture

Need help moving a single piece of furniture or a heavy item? Taskers will move your piece of furniture or assist you in moving it.

a picture of a woman packing her belongings into a box for a move.

Unpacking Service

Boxes still piled high in the corner? Get organized and settle in quickly after your move with unpacking services from local Taskers.

a person drawing sketches of interior designs and room layouts

Interior Design

Hire a Tasker to decorate your home. Our experienced Taskers will help you customize the interior of your home.

someone pressure washing the siding of a home to remove moss and dirt.

Pressure Washing

Hire a Tasker to help power wash the exterior of your home, driveway and more.

a person disassembling a crib

Furniture Disassembly

If you need help taking furniture apart, Tasker can help!

image of a woman hanging ornaments on a christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Decorating

In need of Christmas tree decorating services? Hire a Tasker as your personal tree decorator!

people waiting in a long line

Waiting in Line

Hire a Tasker to as a professional line stander! They can wait in line for any event you need an assist with--even Black Friday shopping.

a man on a ladder cleaning out gutters on a home.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters, downspouts, and roof and install gutter guards.

two people moving a coffee table in a living room

In Home Furniture Movers

Even if you're not moving homes, you can still get a hand with in-home moving. Taskers can shift furniture upstairs, downstairs, or anywhere within your home.

a person organizing clothes in a closet using organizer baskets

Closet Organization

Let us help you clean up your closet and get things organized.

a person hanging curtains in front of a window

Hanging Curtains & Installing Blinds

Use TaskRabbit to get your curtains, curtain rods, blinds, and drapes installed.

a person assembling furniture using an allen wrench

Furniture Assembly

Have a new desk or bookcase to put together? Taskers can assemble any of your furniture—quickly and efficiently.

a woman leveling and arranging framed pictures on a wall

Hang Pictures

Need help hanging all those pictures? Taskers will hang pictures and art, ensuring they are level and securely mounted.

two people using an appliance dolly to move a large refrigerator.

Appliance Removal

Get your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer or refrigerator disconnected and removed by our taskers, making way for their replacements.

a picture of a drawer secured with a child-proof locking device

Baby proofing

Hire a Tasker today to help baby proof your home!

someone installing a cabinet door with an electric drill.

Cabinet Installation

Cabinet installation can be stressful, so leave it to a Tasker. They'll complete the job to your satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

You can hire taskers on Taskrabbit to do many things in Houston, from cleaning your kitchen, mowing the lawn, assembling IKEA furniture, fixing holes in drywall and much more. If you have a very specific project, select a Tasker in a category that fits your project and speak with the Tasker about the requirements.

Yes, you can book a tasker to come complete a task on the same day. Many taskers have same day availability but you'll need to make sure you select one that has an open timeslot.

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