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Electrical Help in Baton Rouge

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It's easy to find electrical help with Taskrabbit. Taskers can provide:

Light switch installation, wall socket installation, wiring doorbells, and much more!

Affordable, same day services are also available.

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Stacey O.
5 (1 reviews)
1 Electrical help tasks
Electrical familiarity. Receptacle installation and replacement, garbage disposal, gfi install, light replacement, ceiling fan installation. Code compliance 100%. Will not install new wiring or alter electrical blueprints.
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Robert B.
4.6 (5 reviews)
6 Electrical help tasks
I have over 10 years experience in electrical construction and home improvement. Insulation of ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, refrigerators,washers and dryers, ect…I have over 10 years experience in minor home repairs and projects. Working in construction type settings. Friendly person, father of 2 and 2 grandchildren. Very neat and detailed oriented. Kitchen, Laundry, Living Room Appliances and Furniture. Ceiling Fans, Ect…
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Marcus H.
(0 reviews)
0 Electrical help tasks
Currently work a commercial cable technician. Most jobs will be a quick and easy fix!
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Troy J.
5 (3 reviews)
3 Electrical help tasks
I have professional experience in the solar photovoltaic field, and am able to make minor household electrical repairs. I can swap switches, change outlets, lighting, etc. I also have experience with 'smart switches'.
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Hunter S.
(0 reviews)
0 Electrical help tasks
Light electrical experience. Simple light or battery installations.
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Tait N.
(0 reviews)
0 Electrical help tasks
Im a single father of an autistic child recently unemployed from the rail industry. Ive worked in construction since 13yrs old and been a mechanical manager for the last 12 years. I enjoy completing task and learned skills to get them done.
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Frequently asked questions about Electrical Help in Baton Rouge

Electrical help typically starts at $50 per hour in Baton Rouge. The price will vary from provider to provider and will also vary based on how long your project will take. More complicated projects such as installing new fixtures may require more hours to complete the project.

Electrical help providers can help install electrical fixtures such as lighting and wall switches, repair things like broken outlets or switches and much more. Speak with your electrical help provider to make sure they have the tools for you project.

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Image of lady booking a task on Taskrabbit

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  • Archana B.Excellent workmanship! Would definitely recommend and will absolutely hire again. Electrical help
  • Jennifer G.Fermin is great! This was our second time using him. Very efficient and knowledgeable of his work. Electrical help
  • Ian K.Got the job done as desired. Would hire again.Electrical help
  • COIL S.Jade was thorough, on time and very helpful! Would hire him againElectrical help
  • Jaymes E.Antonio was great, he did a fantastic job putting up my ceiling fans. His rate was very reasonable. I will use him for future projects Electrical help
  • Kate G.Great and efficient work! Electrical help
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