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Richard F.
5 (9 reviews)
9 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
I am not an electrician but i am familiar with replacing light fixtures, exaust fans, ceiling fans, switches, outlets etc
Miles K.
5 (31 reviews)
62 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
I don’t have any professional training, but I have installed and replaced several interior and exterior light fixtures including ceiling fans, chandeliers, pendent lights and sconces. I don’t do any light switches or wall plugs only light fixtures.
Jean L.
5 (1 review)
3 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
Hi I have 5+ years experience installing all types of electrical/av fixtures+appliances. For new outlet installation or for moving outlets + installing new runs, I can recommend a good electrician that’s licensed to help.
Casey J.
5 (50 reviews)
68 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
Swap out light fixtures, ceiling fans and electrical outlets. Replace light bulbs, smoke alarms/batteries, door bells and thermostats.
Rob S.
5 (141 reviews)
250 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
I owned a data cabling business for 8 years, giving me experience with many systems. I can help with smart switches, lighting, data etc. That said, I'm not a regular electrician, so I can't install new circuits. I look forward to helping you out!
Derek C.
5 (88 reviews)
136 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
Texas certified Electrician. open to small scale electric work. Hanging light fixtures/ adding dimmers/ led lights/ Xmas lights/ No Sheetrock work please! 5 years experience. One hour minimum. Charge 30 min for travel.
Ender G.
5 (23 reviews)
38 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
13 years as a handyman.
Jason N.
Elite Tasker
5 (53 reviews)
95 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
Hard working veteran 500+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews!! I will be quick to tell you if it is beyond my skill set. Mostly I can do light replacements, smoke detectors, basic low electricity household fixtures. I do not fix appliances. Thanks
Christopher F.
5 (162 reviews)
258 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
Electrician since entering the Navy in 1998 but lucky for you I'm more than a 1-trick pony. My true expertise is solutions. Troubleshooting/Problem Solving and trust me that's 90% of TaskRabbit. I get hired when a job needs done now, done right, and others disappoint. Licensed Electrician with residential and commercial experience. Skilled at troubleshooting and repairing circuits.  [Not working under a Master!!! YOU CANNOT HIRE AN ELECTRICIAN OR PLUMBER ON TASKRABBIT USING THEIR LICENSE.-- Only a Master Electrician hangs the State License and it applies to their "Shop" - Work done under Shop's bonding, by Electricians contracted under that Master's Shop. Side work is not "licensed" as such.] I have to assume you saw my rate and that's what I receive. What the app charges on top I can't control, but I'm sensitive to time and cost to you in general.