We’re Humbled by the New York Tasking Community

November 2, 2012

American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Help

Like many of you, the folks here at TaskRabbit HQ have been paying careful attention to Sandy’s impact on the New York region. Our community continues to send in the kinds of stories that demonstrate just how powerful the bonds between neighbors can be. This morning, Leah received an email from a new TaskPoster with an incredible story to tell:

“I was worried about my friend Emily*, an 83-year old stranded in a 12th floor apartment without elevator, food, water, power, or phone. I called two of her friends who are all, sorry to say, useless. Then someone clued me in to TaskRabbit.com, I registered, and within minutes I had a response from someone who was willing to visit Emily’s building, assess the situation, and bring her what she needs.

“The kicker is that this TaskRabbit did not want to be paid. Why not? She lives on the 12th floor of her building, is in a motorized wheelchair herself (of course she’s also stranded without power). Her husband is ventilator-dependent and getting recharged by friends who schlep his battery to the fire station downstairs every few hours, thus keeping him alive. She and her husband do virtual Tasks on their computers to earn a living and she was willing to send her friend, who happened to be visiting, to see Emily. This TaskRabbit told me that her community is keeping her alive so she could never charge for doing such a mitzvah for Emily…I hope I’ll remember this story the next time I’m feeling sorry for myself.”

We’re so touched by this account and by the continued efforts of TaskRabbits on the ground to do everything they can to help out their neighbors. We reached out to our New York TaskRabbit community this week and have confirmed that they’re doing okay (they’ve already started helping one another out) and they’re ready to run Tasks for people in need.

American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy HelpOver the next two weeks, we’ll be donating all service fees associated with Hurricane Sandy Tasks to the American Red Cross.

Please include the word “Sandy” in your Task titles so TaskRabbits can easily search for them. This will also help us make sure we donate as much to the Red Cross as possible. Also, if you’re in an area that’s been greatly affected by lack of power and transportation, please be very specific in your location details so TaskRabbits can plan out how to safely get to you.

Stay safe out there. And please let us know what we can do to help in the coming days and weeks.

*We’ve used a different name to ensure the privacy of the TaskPoster’s friend.