Ready to hit the polls? #HopToVote

November 5, 2012

Free TaskRabbit When You Vote

Free TaskRabbit When You Vote


UPDATE: Hey, folks! Our Election Day promotion has been updated — you no longer need to Tweet us a pic to get credit! In honor of Election Day, we’re giving all TaskPosters who post a Task TODAY $15 in Task Credit. Just use the promo code AMERICA when posting the Task.

After what seems like years (and years and years) of following this campaign, it’s finally time to hop to your local polling place and vote for the candidates, propositions, and measures you believe in. You already know voting is awesome, but did you know it’s magical? Casting your vote in this election* can earn you $15 in TaskRabbit credit. That’s fifteen bucks you can use to make extra time appear out of thin air. Magic!

Hire a TaskRabbit to deliver champagne to your victory party (or to whip up your favorite comfort food if things go the other way). Or simply use your credit for anything else on your To-Do list.

Tweet us a photo of your “I Voted” sticker (or a picture of you near your polling place) with the hashtag #HopToVote.

Feel free to submit your photos via Instagram (@TaskRabbit) or Facebook if you prefer.

* Open to everyone who enters code AMERICA.