Task of the Week: Help Hand Out Halloween Candy

October 23, 2012

Help with Halloween
Help with Halloween
Need some help with that candy?

Halloween isn’t exactly a stay-at-home holiday. There are costume parties to attend, kids to take trick-or-treating, and not nearly enough time to worry about how the kids in your neighborhood will feel about a closed and candy-less door. Toilet paper, eggs, smashed pumpkins — it’s tough out there for a house not doling out the sugary goods.

So what do you do if you can’t make it to the candy bowl on Halloween? Take a cue from TaskPoster Charles L. and hire a TaskRabbit to pass out your snacks. While Charles takes his kids trick-or-treating, TaskRabbit Dana M. will be handling the candy duties at his house. Now that’s thinking ahead.

TaskRabbits can also decorate your house, pick up your candy, and clean up after you Halloween party. All you have to do is go have fun.