US | April 20, 2023

Taskrabbit Releases “Hollywood at Home: How Pop Culture Influences Your To Do List”

New Report Uncovers How Movies and TV are Inspiring Consumers to Redesign

SAN FRANCISCO, April 20, 2023 – Taskrabbit, the platform connecting people to skilled, reliable Taskers from their local communities, announced today its Hollywood at Home: How Pop Culture Influences Your To Do List report, highlighting the impact of pop culture trends and how more people are utilizing Taskrabbit’s services to achieve those inspirational designs. 

The power of pop culture has long impacted the way people style, build and inspire their lives. Taskrabbit’s newest report provides an in-depth look into how it specifically influences the designs and interactions people create within their homes. Taskrabbit conducted a global survey across 6,000 survey respondents based in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States, as well as client bookings to understand how pop culture impacts the way that consumers make decisions about their home. In learning that people in the U.S. watch more than 15 hours of TV and movies per week, Taskrabbit also found that 51% have made changes to their interiors after watching a specific TV show or movie, and 39% have even been influenced to move homes to better suit their tastes and style. 

“We are thrilled to release this report to show not only the profound influence that pop culture and media have on interior home trends, but also how many people turn to Taskrabbit to make those design dreams a reality,” says Tamara Rosenthal, Taskrabbit’s VP of Marketing. “With our vast range of in-home offerings, paired with skilled Taskers, we have the unique opportunity to both provide insights on top trends and the expertise to bring them to life. We hope to continue to be a valuable resource for consumers, one task — and trend — at a time.”

The most prominent pop culture trends that resonated with U.S. consumers range from bright and airy interiors inspired by movies like Barbie to dark and opulent design aesthetics taking cues from hits like Succession and Wednesday. More on U.S. consumers' attitudes toward these trends and subsequent design styles are below.

Miamicore Is Having a Moment:

  • TikTok is bringing back the once dated “Miamicore” design trend, the style that is often characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and retro elements - creating an emphasis on playful aesthetics. Movies and TV shows including Barbie, The Little Mermaid and The White Lotus, have influenced consumers to incorporate this into their interior design, such as adding pink elements, tropical aesthetics and beachside design into their space.

  • 25% of people expressed a desire to incorporate pink accents into their homes this year. 

  • Taskrabbit saw a 14% increase in jobs booked for pool help to help consumers create an outdoor oasis.

  • 34% of consumers have plans to incorporate palm tree prints and wallpaper into their spaces this year.

Nostalgia Still Influences Consumers Design Choices: 

  • Beloved movies and TV shows that have remained household names, like Friends and Gilmore Girls, continue to have a long-standing design impact in people’s homes. 

    • 34% of people say that Friends inspired their design choices while 31% say that Sex and The City have continued to impact their interior style. 

    • 34% of people are planning to incorporate ‘90’s design elements into their spaces this year including exposed brick walls a la Friends and bright neon colors.

Vintage Is In Vogue:

  • Old design trends always find their way back into the mainstream in new and refreshed styles with the help of trending pop culture moments and TV shows, like Daisy Jones & The Six.

    • Taskrabbit saw an increase in bookings with key words including vinyl record player (+100%) and shag carpet (+42%).

    • Consumers are increasingly making requests on the platform related to vintage decor (+14%).

Opulence Is In Style:

  • With popular shows like Bridgerton and Succession, luxury interiors are on everyone’s minds. 

    • Taskrabbit is seeing an increase in requests for marble (+19%).

    • Requests for help with grand pianos increased by 52% year-over-year. 

    • 40% of consumers are incorporating luxury design details and items into their spaces like home cinemas and designer furniture.

Returning To The Dark (In)Side: 

  • After watching top hit shows like Wednesday, people aren’t afraid to go bold with the latest comeback of dark interiors to reflect a moody, yet luxurious aesthetic.

    • Taskrabbit has seen a 92% increase in black paint job requests booked year-over-year. 

    • Dark, cozy spaces are also trending with requests for curtain hanging having over a 51% increase. 

In an effort to showcase the skilled Taskers on the platform who help clients bring these inspirations to life, Taskrabbit is also launching the first-ever video series, #TaskerTok, where Taskers from across the country will share tips and advice around home and design themes to help consumers achieve their dream home and avoid common DIY mistakes. The skilled Taskers include Alana, Niq, Dustin and Aaron. More information on their specialties can be found here

To learn more about the latest home and design pop culture trends, read the full global report here

About Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit is a global digital platform that connects people seeking help with household tasks, such as furniture assembly, moving, and home improvements, to skilled, reliable Taskers in their communities. Acquired by the Ingka Group (IKEA) in 2017, Taskrabbit operates in thousands of cities across nine countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States, and is available in 200+ IKEA stores worldwide.

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