Hollywood at Home: How Pop Culture Influences Your To-Do List

Oh, the power of pop culture. It brings people together (remember the Tiger King era?), keeps the internet alive (hello, Barbie memes), and inspires fashion trends. 

But what about life at home? We wanted to know, so we surveyed over 6,000 people across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States and analyzed countless Taskrabbit client bookings to understand how they make decisions about their homes—and if pop culture makes an impact. 

How Influenced Are We by TV and Movies? 

We’re more easily influenced than you might think! According to our research, home cinema installations are trending, and a quarter of those surveyed spend more than 15 hours watching TV and movies per week. In case you’re wondering which country watches the most, it seems that Brits are getting the most screen time of all. 32% of Brits watch more than 15 hours per week, compared to an average of 24% falling into this group of TV and film enthusiasts globally. 

53% of global respondents are changing their home decor this year—and many are making changes based on what they see on screen. A quarter of respondents (26%) were directly influenced to move to a new space after being inspired by a TV show or film, and more than a third (37%) are making interior design changes based on media inspiration. 

Top Trends Inspired by Pop Culture


We already know that TikTok plays a huge role in trends at home, and it’s bringing the once-dated Miamicore design back to life. Thanks to Barbie’s upcoming release, 25% of Americans are interested in adding pink accents to their space. But the US has nothing on Europe! We’re already seeing a massive year-over-year increase in jobs booked across Spain (+133%), France (+200%), and Italy (+148%) in clients who want to add pink to their homes.

But Miamicore doesn’t stop with bright colors. Bold patterns and retro summer poolside vibes are also here to stay. 34% of Americans are planning for palm tree prints and wallpaper like the ones in White Lotus, and Brits and Americans are giving their pools extra attention. We’ve seen a 50% increase in tasks related to pool maintenance in the UK, and a 14% increase in the US this year. Book Yard Work help.  


Even though the 90s were thirty years ago (don’t remind us!), the impact of the iconic era never left us. You see the 90s in fashion everywhere—claw clips, combat boots, scrunchies, fanny packs, and baby tees are all back in style. But what about at home? 

Trends like canopy beds and wicker and rattan are back. 34% say that Friends impacts their design choices (hello exposed brick walls), and the Pivot! scene seems to have made a big impact on viewers. In the US, searches for couch removal are up 155%

Another iconic 90s show that still influences viewers is Sex and the City. 31% say that the show still impacts their interior design taste to this day. But the most popular 90s trend coming back might just be bright wall colors like this bright green. Book Painting help


Vintage is becoming even more in vogue with the trending pop culture moments that are dominating our attention right now. Taylor Swift channels unmissable 70s style themes into her latest album Midnights (just look at the set of the Anti-Hero music video), and shows like Daisy Jones & the Six are inspiring the 70s rockstar within all of us. 

These musical influences aren’t surprising to us—we saw a 100% increase in bookings in jobs related to “vinyl record players” in the US, and searches including the word “disco” are up by as much as 500% (shoutout to Germany!). Our clients haven’t forgotten mood lighting either. Neon light installs are up 140% in the US, 300% in the UK, and 500% in Germany. Book Lighting Help


It turns out binge-watching shows set in opulent abundance can rub off on us. While we can’t all be the royalty of Bridgerton, there’s no reason we can’t feel like it when we’re at home! 40% of those surveyed are incorporating luxury design details into their spaces like designer furniture.