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Office Handyman in SF Bay Area

Choose from 1052 Taskers in SF Bay Area of all trades to handle your minor office repairs.

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Leslie F.
0 office handyman tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:

I've been renovating my own apartment for the past 10 years now and have picked up quite the collection of handy home skills! Let me help you hang shelves, curtains, and artwork *the right way* and minimize damage to your valuable decor and walls.

Erik L.
477 office handyman tasks
320 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:

As a home owner I know how to maintain and improve a property. I have the life experience and tools to accomplish most tasks. PLEASE notice, if you have a plumbing or electrical task, look under those catagories to hire me. A bit higher rate 4 these

Randy P.
261 office handyman tasks
156 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:

I am U.S. Air Force trained in Aerospace Equipment Repair (mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, heating/AC, gas/diesel engines). I can perform various home repairs and I own most tools. I'm careful, thorough, and I admit my skill limits.

Jesse F.
21 office handyman tasks
11 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:

I'm a fixer. Attention to detail is the key! My crash course in this arena came from working a small art gallery in Oakland. I have standard tools, and can usually borrow special / heavy tools if needed. 2 hour minimum, negotiable based on commute.

Emily A.
0 office handyman tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:

I was a landlord for 10 years.

Chris M.
326 office handyman tasks
252 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:

One of TaskRabbit's top 10 Handyman! Full set of tools. Highly skilled in all areas of home repairs. Highly recommended in GGMG

Mike L.
0 office handyman tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:

I've always had a big box of tools and love to use them. Don't let my tools collect dust and hire me to do the dirty work. I've already run out of wall space in my own home to hang things and I'm getting antsy.

Scott C. S.
513 office handyman tasks
247 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:

Dear potential customers, I have experience in home and business repairs including minor electrical such as changing outlets, switches and lighting. I can mount TVs whiteboards and other heavy items. I have many power tools for various jobs.

Kevin D.
350 office handyman tasks
202 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:

📌 850 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 TR Reviews! I am a set designer and carpenter in Bay Area theatres, and would love to help with setting up, or patching up, your home. I also have light electrical and plumbing experience. Just reach out!

Office Handyman reviews in SF Bay Area
Positive Reviews

Customer Reviews

Conscientious, prompt, thorough, and charming. Had a wide variety of tasks and he breezed through all of them. Would def hire again.

- Megan H., May 12, 2021

Excellent job. Friendly. Efficient. High quality work

- John R., May 12, 2021

Fantastic. Great to work with.

- Linda H., May 11, 2021

Very helpful with all the tasks I asked him to complete.

- Debbie L., May 11, 2021

Edgar was very friendly and helpful with my requested repair! Highly recommend!

- Laura R., May 11, 2021

This was my second job with Mohamad and it worked out great, he was helpful in getting the furniture assembly done as soon as possible which was quite complicated. Would definately recommed for any furniture assemblies.

- raghavypvu i., May 11, 2021

Efficient, friendly, all business. Will definitely hire Derrick again!

- David A., May 11, 2021

Punctual, and courteous. Got the job done! Thank you, Derrick

- J Juan C., May 11, 2021

Mohamad was wonderful at his job and has a very friendly personality. He was on time. I had a broken fan and mohamad helped me get a replacement at a very cheap price and fixed it right away. Would definately recommend for house repairs.

- raghavypvu i., May 11, 2021

Alex is a wonderful tasker and awesome at his job. I have hired him for multiple tasks so far and he was done outstanding work.

- Arushi S., May 11, 2021

Edgar was excellent - thoughtful, brought his own materials an extra, and flexed to the duration necessary to fully complete the task

- Sonika S., May 11, 2021

Great job! On time, efficient work speed, very professional.

- Leah W., May 11, 2021

Came prepared, was super nice and managed to do a difficult job fast. Glad I hired him!

- Uli S., May 11, 2021

Marco was great! Helped with a few different tasks and is both efficient and knowledgeable.

- Alyson B., May 11, 2021

Marvin is excellent. Top quality work and diverse skills. Great communication

- Eamon F., May 11, 2021

Completed the job quickly and very professionally. He is very knowledgable about the process, with strong communication skills

- Ilan Z., May 10, 2021

Punctual and efficient.

- Sireesha G., May 10, 2021

Dan was prompt and offered good advice on approaching a multi-stage project

- Jeremy M., May 10, 2021

Jeff was on time and quickly installed the Nest Door Lock in 30 min. He was prepared and had looked at a video. This was my 1st time using taskrabbit. I realize I should have been more explicit about the task. I needed help with physical install AND setting up the device on my phone. An hour later I still hadn't completely figured it out, and still haven't. He indicated he wasn't especially adept at the software technical piece, he did what was asked. I'll be more explicit in the future.

- Maureen H., May 10, 2021

Communicative accommodating and skilled. Thank you

- Eilon M., May 10, 2021

Personable and very efficient, solved my problems.

- David S., May 10, 2021

Amazing work and fast too! Jian was able to fix my door frame and re-aligned my doors quickly. He also went the extra step to help sand and repaint areas of my door that looked a little bit worn down despite only needing to fix the door hinges. Super friendly and respected the space. 10/10 would hire Jian Hua again!

- Alvin H., May 10, 2021

James is very thorough and completes his work with excellence. He is our Tasker of choice.

- Kristi S., May 09, 2021

Andre is a great handy man and an even better person. He fixed my task quickly and with superb tact. I look forward to working with him again in the future

- Travis E., May 09, 2021
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More Taskers Nearby

Dina B.
1 office handyman tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:

I am a carpenter and woodworker, which has given me experience in repairing all types of interior and exterior walls. I also have experience in hanging doors, windows, shelves and mounting TV's. I have experience with drywall and love to paint.

Brian P.
5 office handyman tasks
2 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:

I have years of experience fixing up rental properties, have my own tools and supplies and your guy for any job. 1.5 hours to 2 hours minimum for tasks outside of SF city proper. Add Bridge Toll ($7) for tasks outside SF city. Add 30 min driving time for tasks outside of SF city. Add 15 min driving time for tasks inside of SF city.

Gabe E.
0 office handyman tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:

I’ve been doing apartment management for 15 years! I can handle your small irritants!

Sean P.
0 office handyman tasks
No reviews yet

How I can help:

I have plenty of working years and experience performing home repairs to accommodate any requests w/ tools.I pride myself in performing quality work(pics), being punctual and upfront about repairs or offering the best solutions. 2 hr booking minimum.

Richard O.
3 office handyman tasks
2 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:

I have been working as a Handy Man for over 20 years, so I know how to get the job done right, the first time. Whether it be a small job like changing a light bulb, or a much larger project like completing a bathroom remodel, I'm your man. I can provide references and photos of my work upon request.  I also have craftsmen to help me with larger jobs  

Andre S.
37 office handyman tasks
14 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:

I have a lot of experience with minor home repairs and can handle most required fixes around the house. *NOTE: I do NOT do plumbing or electrical work aside from basics, ie changing a light fixture or snaking a drain. Bigger jobs require a license.

J. M.
1 office handyman tasks
1 review: 100% positive

How I can help:

Years of experience performing maintenance, repair and construction for commercial, residential and wilderness properties.  Can fix, repair or otherwise improve any situation in the home.

Daniel R.
18 office handyman tasks
11 reviews: 73% positive

How I can help:

I am skilled and have the tools for many general maintenance issues. I am experienced, detailed, and efficient. 2 hour minimum.

Chris T.
65 office handyman tasks
21 reviews: 95% positive

How I can help:

I have experience with repairing holes in walls, replacing light fixtures and window treatments. NOTE - I cannot help with anything that requires me to bring a ladder as I do not drive.

Christopher A.
1 office handyman tasks
1 review: 100% positive

How I can help:

Have only basic tools like a screw driver, hammer, plyers etc. Do not have a ladder. Drive a Mini Cooper.

John P.
58 office handyman tasks
34 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:

I have tools and can assist with a variety of repairs ranging from patching holes to refinishing furniture.

Gustavo P.
32 office handyman tasks
21 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:

I have worked as a handy man both as an independent contractor and as part of larger company.  I would consider myself very proficient in handling Minor home repairs. I have my own equipment and access to a workshop for larger projects as well. 

Thomas O.
111 office handyman tasks
74 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:

I help with fixing items around the office and home. I have also mounted hundreds of items (50+ TVs, 50+ shelves, 50+ whiteboards, heavy mirrors, coat racks, and more) via TaskRabbit with 99+% positive reviews. 300+ jobs completed. Will bring tools, supplies, and I always communicate clearly. Thank you for your business! Thomas

Patrick T.
14 office handyman tasks
9 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:

Replace garbage disposal, clogged sink

sara s.
87 office handyman tasks
59 reviews: 95% positive

How I can help:

Experience installing doorknobs, deadbolts, window locks, shelves, whiteboards, blinds, curtains, tv's, shower doors, etc. into various wall materials (drywall, tile, brick, concrete, lath/plaster). Feel free to check out my reviews.

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