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It's easy to find electrical help with Taskrabbit. Taskers can provide:

Light switch installation, wall socket installation, wiring doorbells, and much more!

Affordable, same day services are also available.

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Steven W.
5 (409 reviews)
573 Electrical help tasks
●#1 San Diego County Electrical Tasker ●1,500+ Total Tasks Completed  - All 5 Star Reviews - Elite Rated ●30+ years experience  ●Troubleshooting ●Minor electrical repairs ●Moving/adding outlets ●Light fixtures ●Ceiling fans ●Video doorbells/cameras/lights ● Smart thermostats ●Hide TV wires ●220 volt car chargers ●Upgrade circuit breakers ●GFCI plugs ●Outdoor lighting ●All tools and free professional fasteners included ● No charge to source parts ●Covid vaccinated/boosted ●2 hour minimum
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Chris L.
5 (167 reviews)
265 Electrical help tasks
I was an electrician for many years, and retained my knowledge thoroughly. If you provide supplies, I'll install that 240v charger on your circuit breaker panel that your new car needs. I'll rent tall 16ft ladders to hang high ceiling lights too.
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Kevin A.
4.9 (98 reviews)
143 Electrical help tasks
I’m the guy you should call. My skill and knowledge are strong. Note: 2 hour minimum. I never go in crawl spaces and avoid attics in summer.
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Joey F.
5 (47 reviews)
93 Electrical help tasks
I do small stuff, run wire(romex) to hardwire dishwasher, switch out outlets/plugs, lights, and other small things
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Paul H.
5 (2 reviews)
3 Electrical help tasks
Experienced with many minor electrical repairs! Happy to replace your ceiling fans and lights, light switches, outlets, and more. Not a certified electrician but an experienced handyman
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Christopher F.
5 (187 reviews)
315 Electrical help tasks
Electrician since entering the Navy in 1998 but lucky for you I'm more than a 1-trick pony. My true expertise is solutions. Troubleshooting/Problem Solving and trust me that's 90% of TaskRabbit. I get hired when a job needs done now, done right, and others disappoint. Licensed Electrician with residential and commercial experience. Skilled at troubleshooting and repairing circuits.  [Not working under a Master!!! YOU CANNOT HIRE AN ELECTRICIAN OR PLUMBER ON TASKRABBIT USING THEIR LICENSE.-- Only a Master Electrician hangs the State License and it applies to their "Shop" - Work done under Shop's bonding, by Electricians contracted under that Master's Shop. Side work is not "licensed" as such.] I have to assume you saw my rate and that's what I receive. What the app charges on top I can't control, but I'm sensitive to time and cost to you in general.
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Frequently asked questions about Electrical Help in San Diego

Electrical help typically starts at $50 per hour in San Diego. The price will vary from provider to provider and will also vary based on how long your project will take. More complicated projects such as installing new fixtures may require more hours to complete the project.

Electrical help providers can help install electrical fixtures such as lighting and wall switches, repair things like broken outlets or switches and much more. Speak with your electrical help provider to make sure they have the tools for you project.

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Image of lady booking a task on Taskrabbit

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  • Adam L.5 stars for andriy! Will use again and recommend to all friends!Electrical help
  • Michael P.Really helpful guy, diagnosed problems with my existing ceiling fan and went down to Home Depot and got me a new one that he installed. Very professional.Electrical help
  • Yu N.It was a great experience working with Alberto. Easy to communicate. Efficient and skillful. Recommend to anyone who is looking for help on electric work. Electrical help
  • Tori K.Steven was helpful, kind, and accommodating during my task. He was communicative throughout the entire process as well! He definitely knows what he’s doing, what would’ve taken me about 6 hours, he did in one. Excellent service!Electrical help
  • Roshni M.Eric was amazing! He was super helpful and accommodating. He installed light fixtures into my unit and did a fantastic job! Highly recommend him. Super professional and efficient Electrical help
  • Dora T.Arash diagnosed my electrical problem with my outlets and got them working again. He did a great job!Electrical help
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