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Jeff D.
5 (3 reviews)
3 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
D O C- now put these letters in the order they were meant to be in…… O C D —old, clutter & dismiss you say? Good, me too!!!
Anastasia E.
5 (9 reviews)
10 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
Feel like your junk drawer is more of a junk cabinet? Need help sorting through old clothes or need a total organizational overhaul? I am your person! I LOVE to organize and am happy to work alongside you or just get it done so you don’t need to.
Amara E.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I am a highly organized person myself, and I enjoy helping others with their organizational needs!
Elrena M.
5 (10 reviews)
16 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
I’ll help you get organized. I can help you declutter, sort, and organize your items and spaces in a functional way. I am punctual, efficient and meticulous. Let’s organize your kitchens, pantries, bedrooms, closets, garages, paperwork etc. cheers!
Richard K.
5 (1 review)
1 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
I have consolidated and sold 3 of my own residences. Organizing to reduce clutter has always been my goal. From my mother, sister, and an uncle, I spent time helping when age or disability became an issue.
Chelsea A.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I am a great organizer and my partner as well we are women and we always have to clean up behind our family so we’re really good at organization and cleaning out stuff.
Steven H.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I am reliable, punctual, and detailed. When it comes to your organizing I will ensure communication is open and will notify you how your items are being sorted. Organizing enables you to be more efficient, knowing everything has a spot.
Jonathan F.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I have a lot of experience organizing and my slight OCD in having things organized helps me in this aspect.
Theresa B.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I worked for a organizational company for 2 years. Part of my job was helping clients declutter and regularly donated things they didn't want. I also worked as a paralegal for over 12 years and I've finely tuned my organizational skills :)

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