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Christopher S.
5 (101 reviews)
143 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I’ve done multiple furniture assemblies for homes and businesses; working as quickly and efficiently as possible. As soon as I arrive, I get to work. Fully vaccinated!
Brady M.
5 (30 reviews)
44 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I've knocked out plenty of assembly tasks and I'm ready to help you with yours! I have all of my own tools and supplies so you can sit back and watch your new furniture be built with ease!
Jesse R.
5 (22 reviews)
34 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I have 15 years of experience assembling furniture of all types. I can do it all from one-of-a-kind handmade pieces to furniture in a box and everything in-between. I am fully vaccinated.
Kevin T.
5 (11 reviews)
15 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
Assembly is a tedious effort. Its important to follow every step in its entirety. Frustrated? Not I. Too many screws? Not I. Always nice and sturdy finished item? Always!!! Customer service? Well nothing is cooler than helping you with your task!!!!!
Julia B.
5 (54 reviews)
72 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I enjoy putting together new furniture and am often asked by my friends for help with things they have bought. I also pride myself in being neat and tidy, so cleaning up after myself is just a habit. 
Shawn R.
5 (14 reviews)
25 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I have been doing assembly for a couple years, I am familiar with how products go together and can problem solve as needed, I am thoughtful and detailed, thank you
Eric T.
5 (12 reviews)
19 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
Great at IKEA and other furniture assembly (way fair, target, Walmart etc.)
Kayla T.
5 (44 reviews)
60 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
Senior Mechanical Engineering and Sculpture student at UWM. Designed and built all of the furniture for my apartment. Driver of an SUV and access to a 24/7 workshop and studio space if needed. Will bring own tools for projects. Great at following assembly instructions and interpreting them with the mind of an engineer.
steve s.
5 (17 reviews)
24 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
remodeled whole home with mostly IKEA furniture eapecially the cabinets. I know the product well and can quickly efficently put together their furniture. I have my own tools and a vechicle for transportation if needed.

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