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Electrical Help in Louisville

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It's easy to find electrical help with Taskrabbit. Taskers can provide:

Light switch installation, wall socket installation, wiring doorbells, and much more!

Affordable, same day services are also available.

Featured electrical help Taskers in Louisville

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Christopher R.
4.9 (39 reviews)
74 Electrical help tasks
I have several years replacing electrical fixtures and lighting. Safety is key when performing this task.
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Shaun S.
5 (11 reviews)
22 Electrical help tasks
I have installed lighting fixtures and ceiling fans for numerous projects and would be happy to assist with these types of requests!
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Laurance L.
(0 reviews)
2 Electrical help tasks
I can do most projects including ceiling fans, light fixtures, dimmer switches, outdoor lights leds etc. All except installing new or moving outlets, running new electrical lines and breaker box work.
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Anthony L.
5 (9 reviews)
17 Electrical help tasks
Having experience working maintenance for an apartment complex for years as well as doing handy work for myself I can install or repair just about anything.
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Jose Q.
5 (5 reviews)
8 Electrical help tasks
I have 7 years of experience doing electrical woks and repairs, I like to be responsible and carefully with all materials and works. always taking all security measures. I am kind, collaborative, and I really like to do my job well. I have my own tools.
Image thumbnail of a tasker
Allen K.
5 (1 reviews)
1 Electrical help tasks
Updating electrical components, changing lightbulbs since and programming household appliances since “answering machines” were new.
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Frequently asked questions about Electrical Help in Louisville

Electrical help typically starts at $50 per hour in Louisville. The price will vary from provider to provider and will also vary based on how long your project will take. More complicated projects such as installing new fixtures may require more hours to complete the project.

Electrical help providers can help install electrical fixtures such as lighting and wall switches, repair things like broken outlets or switches and much more. Speak with your electrical help provider to make sure they have the tools for you project.

Image of lady booking a task on Taskrabbit
Image of lady booking a task on Taskrabbit

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See what happy customers are saying in Louisville

  • Marie C.Shaun was very professional and thorough with helping switching out our smoke detectors and changing the garage lights. Electrical help
  • Manju A.Competent, personable, and reliable! Everything you want in a tasker!!Electrical help
  • Lambsey R.Amazing! So professional and efficient. He will definitely be my go-to for future projects!Electrical help
  • Lara Z.Great job setting up my ring doorbell! Would definitely book again!Electrical help
  • Kaelyn T.Shaun did an amazing job, he was quick and also very professional. I will be using his services again!Electrical help
  • Patrick A.Shaun was great. Got a complex job done in about an hour. Would re-book for similar issues. Electrical help
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