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Electrical Help in Detroit

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It's easy to find electrical help with Taskrabbit. Taskers can provide:

Light switch installation, wall socket installation, wiring doorbells, and much more!

Affordable, same day services are also available.

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Benjamin W.
5 (175 reviews)
265 Electrical help tasks
I have some formal education in household electrical work and have worked with an electrical supplier for the past fifteen years. At this time i only offer cosmetic electrical services (changing fixtures, outlets, etc). I bill a two hour minimum.
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Lucas G.
4.9 (18 reviews)
20 Electrical help tasks
I’m not a licensed electrician but I can change an outlet, switch or light fixture, ceiling fan. I do not diagnose problems. 90 minute minimum invoice
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Russell N.
5 (70 reviews)
121 Electrical help tasks
Being a handyman over the years, I bring the experience and tools needed for changing out outlets, switches, or light fixtures. Please note I am NOT a licensed electrician. I can replace existing materials. Not pull new wires or install new outlets.
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Zack F.
(0 reviews)
0 Electrical help tasks
I am competent in installing and mounting light fixtures, outlets, and switches. I am not licensed for major wiring work, but can assist in many aspects of electrical aesthetic and repair.
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Vishnu P.
4.9 (10 reviews)
15 Electrical help tasks
I have 5 years of experience, bring my own tools. I would be happy to help you out.
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Ken K.
5 (23 reviews)
33 Electrical help tasks
I have 15 years of experience in the construction industry, mostly remodeling. In that time I have installed countless switches, outlets, lights, ceiling fans, etc.
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Frequently asked questions about Electrical Help in Detroit

Electrical help typically starts at $50 per hour in Detroit. The price will vary from provider to provider and will also vary based on how long your project will take. More complicated projects such as installing new fixtures may require more hours to complete the project.

Electrical help providers can help install electrical fixtures such as lighting and wall switches, repair things like broken outlets or switches and much more. Speak with your electrical help provider to make sure they have the tools for you project.

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Image of lady booking a task on Taskrabbit

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  • Linda B.Blair got the job done quickly. He’s professional and friendly. I will hire him again. Electrical help
  • Justin N.Aurfan was extremely efficient, very communicative and hard working. I was impressed with his services and appreciate the good work he did. I will definitely use him again on future jobs! Electrical help
  • Ankesh P.Had great knowledge. Extremely professional. Glad to work with Michael Electrical help
  • Jennifer S.Benjamin was excellent. Arrived on time. Was very professional, efficient and knowledgeable. I would definitely have him do more work again in the future. Electrical help
  • Nicole G.I would give 10 stars if I could! So friendly and did a wonderful job. I will definitely be reaching out to Aurfan again for future tasks. Thank you again! Electrical help
  • Jennifer G.Blair was prompt, friendly, professional and organized. He hung 6 light fixtures perfectly. He cared greatly about the quality of his work too.Electrical help
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