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Alexander P.
No Heavy Lifting tasks
17 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I can deadlift 350lbs and run a mile in 7:30. I love kettlebells and overall I think lifting jobs are a great way to work out. 
Robert S.
169 Heavy Lifting tasks
796 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
I can lift up to a 100lbs.
Jarell M.
33 Heavy Lifting tasks
379 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
I think am strong enough to handle any task. FYI its just me one person without help.
Wesley N.
39 Heavy Lifting tasks
153 reviews: 97% positive

How I can help:
I'm a strong strapping fella. Happy to relocate your weighty items from A to B with all care taken.
Stuart F.
4 Heavy Lifting tasks
47 reviews: 95% positive

How I can help:
I lift things up and put them down. (Carefully and expertly I might add!)
Mark Andrew P.
3 Heavy Lifting tasks
18 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I'm active and fit and enjoy physically demanding tasks. 
Nathan A.
1 Heavy Lifting task
5 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
This is something I do everyday as a support associate at my current job.
Scott N.
6 Heavy Lifting tasks
33 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
I can sort, arrange, label, discard and lift just about anything I come across. If you want it done and done right, I'm the man. 
Rogelio T.
22 Heavy Lifting tasks
129 reviews: 96% positive

How I can help:
I'm a mule-forklift hybrid. Watch me go! I also happen to drive a Subaru with a sports rack so I can handle most jobs. 
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Customer Reviews

Take out old AC window unit and install new one. David worked in a heat index of 110 degrees - super thoughtful, extremely strong young man. He waited to see if the new AC would blow a fuse in my old building then took out another old AC unit. Will definitely hire again!
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- Kimberley s., July 20, 2019
Chance moves at lightning speed and, in some cases, gets in done before you can even show him. probably the most efficient person I've ever hired through an app. Friendly, energetic and a great choice!
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- ROBERT A., July 18, 2019
Super responsive, incredibly friendly, moved quickly but carefully, simply could not have asked for a better choice of persons to work with. Do not hesitate to hire this guy. Thanks, Ambroise!
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- ROBERT A., July 18, 2019
Friendly, pleasant, on time, and really patient with the tons of things to be moved!
- Kate-Laurel A., July 17, 2019
Just as awesome the second time around as the first! Efficient, friendly, and super-strong.
- Kate-Laurel A., July 17, 2019
I would use Russell again in a heart beat.
- Violet K., July 17, 2019
Mark came early,  did a great job, and went beyond all expectations.
- Charles F., July 17, 2019
I'm only leaving five stars because 6 wasn't an option! Danny was amazing and such a hard worker and so honest. I hired him for two hours, but he was so efficient, he finished the job in one hour and only had task rabbit charge me for the one hour. Good guy! Thanks Danny!
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- Rebecca C., July 16, 2019
Daniel was so polite and very helpful!
- Kevin A., July 15, 2019
Joe was great! Huge help. Thank you!! 
- Annie W., July 14, 2019
Devon worked very quickly and efficiently even in the heat. I wish I had more for him to do and I will definitely hire him again.
- Calen D., July 14, 2019
I ended up canceling / intend to use Isaac in the near future - but based on my conversations he seems very professional and honest.
- Richard L., July 14, 2019
Very helpful and respectful of my items being moved! Would absolutely hire again.
- Alyssa H., July 13, 2019
Kyle was great! Disassembled all my furniture and helped me carry it out no problem. Great guy all around!
- Mary O., July 12, 2019
Outstanding. Arrived early, super friendly, very helpful. Would highly recommend.
- Adam M., July 11, 2019
Great job
- Martha B., July 10, 2019
Patrick arrived to the job early, listed closely, and executed our task efficiently! He was a pleasure to have in the space, and I would definitely have him again to assist with heavy lifting projects.
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- James A., July 10, 2019
Jesse was great! He helped unload and lift heavy items from the U-Haul up 3 flights of stairs. He was great working with the other tasker I had hired as well! 
- Kate C., July 09, 2019
Stephen was really helpful! He was great communicating with the other tasker I had hired for my move as well. I would definitely hire Stephen again! 
- Kate C., July 09, 2019
Chance was able to come on short notice, did the work of two people in half the time and was completely pleasant and accommodating the entire time. Plus the guy is super strong. One of TaskRabbit's best!
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- ROBERT A., July 09, 2019
He was very responsive, on time and worked out great for the task at hand. I plan to utilize his services again.
- Debarshi S., July 09, 2019
Marchant was a great tasker! He was prompt and was able to lift several large items that normally take two people to accomplish! This was my first tasker experience and I look forward to partnering with Marchant in the future!
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- Herman C., July 09, 2019
David was excellent, fast & efficient 
- Cindy M., July 08, 2019
Professional, prompt, and responsive. Couldn't ask for a better task rabbit! Thanks again!
- Margaret B., July 08, 2019

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More Taskers Nearby

Brian B.
8 Heavy Lifting tasks
57 reviews: 92% positive

How I can help:
I can left 100lbs with no problem on my own , when booking me for this task please include if there are steps and how many items are being moved and what type of items. ****TASK MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 2HRS*****
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Shane C.
3 Heavy Lifting tasks
215 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
Highly efficient. Very strong and smart with spatial reasoning.
Angelo H.
Elite Tasker
176 Heavy Lifting tasks
578 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
I’ve been on the app a few years, and the heaviest item I experience are pianos,so I’m prepared for anything. Can also deadlift 200lbs, ready to help
Lawrence H.
11 Heavy Lifting tasks
225 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
No hassels, I'm just ready to help you get the job done!
Jouhan S.
No Heavy Lifting tasks
1 review: 100% positive

How I can help:
I have a muscular build. I have moved about 14 times in my 28 yrs of life and never once hired movers or needed more than just my older brother and one friend as help. I enjoy lifting weights and moving furniture or lift heavy objects are very equivalent.
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Rob F.
No Heavy Lifting tasks
1 review: 100% positive

How I can help:
I recently moved my mother into senior living and cleared out a rental unit. A dolly is a helpful tool with some heavy items and I do have one! Please let me know if this takes 2 or someone will is assisting! We will communicate before task! 
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Roi R.
52 Heavy Lifting tasks
305 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
Will move stuff for you
David B.
52 Heavy Lifting tasks
438 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
I have 3 years experience moving in and around Chicago. I have the equipment and know how to move heavy items. I have shoulder straps to help with the really heavy items.
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Daris S.
13 Heavy Lifting tasks
111 reviews: 95% positive

How I can help:
I have 10+ years experience as a moving helper with S&L Express moving Services (Chicago's #1 rated moving company on Hireahelper.com). I specialize in Truck packing and heavy lifting.
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Adam P.
37 Heavy Lifting tasks
640 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
Save your back. I'll take care of it.
Kyle W.
96 Heavy Lifting tasks
373 reviews: 100% positive

How I can help:
Need an extra hand, or someone to do all the lifting for you? I'm your guy. I'm a very active person, I'm usually the first person to help move a friend if they need the help.
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14 Heavy Lifting tasks
102 reviews: 92% positive

How I can help:
I even lift
Ollie L.
100 Heavy Lifting tasks
351 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
I work as a professional mover, seasonally, for the past 8years, and I'm usually the first one called when it's heavy lifting involved. In otherwords, I excel at heavy-lifting.
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Frank K.
3 Heavy Lifting tasks
58 reviews: 98% positive

How I can help:
As a strong man, and a qualified engineer, this task is a breeze
Matthew J.
91 Heavy Lifting tasks
824 reviews: 99% positive

How I can help:
Having worked as a mover for two years, I am very strong and capable of this task. Experience with heavy lifting also comes from working on a farm, construction, and playing sports.
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