TaskRabbit Launches Newest Location in San Francisco

June 21, 2010

It is with deep pride and excitement that TaskRabbit announces the launch of it’s San Francisco services. TaskRabbit has been active throughout the Greater Boston region, encouraging neighbors to help neighbors by posting tasks in an open marketplace. Tasks ranging from yard work to dog sitting are standard fare and members can set their own price or allow TaskRabbit Runners to bid on doing their chores. At TaskRabbit, the saying goes “there’s almost nothing we can’t help with. Challenge us!”

With over 300 Runners in the Boston area, and more being added every day to San Francisco, this team of highly professional, background-checked Runners are giving their neighbors a safer and more efficient alternative to other online marketplaces. This simple concept is helping to grow local communities and encourage people to outsource their needs in order to free up time in their day; time that is better spent with family and friends or just embracing a little relaxation. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

“Every day TaskRabbit is helping people check things off their to-do lists, from the ordinary tasks that never get done to the truly amazing tasks,” says Anne Moellering, TaskRabbit’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We’ve assisted people with fundraising, helped blind people navigate unfamiliar parts of the city, written love letters for Romeos with writer’s block and even delivered a Pug dog from New York to Boston.”

TaskRabbit is also seeing a spike in virtual tasks such as researching vacation destinations, selling goods on eBay or fact checking information.  The company also recently announced the availability of an iPhone app.

Tim Ferriss, author of #1 New York Times bestseller “The 4-Hour Workweek” and an adviser to TaskRabbit, has already used the service locally for everything from shopping and late-night groceries to getting rides. All of the tasks were completed within 30 minutes of posting. “It’s simple and it’s fast,” says Ferriss. “As just one example, I needed to be in Sacramento last-minute, but I didn’t want to lose three hours to driving there and back. Within 15 minutes of posting on TaskRabbit, I had a driver and was set for departure ten minutes later. Not only did I get to Sacramento in time, the Runner also picked up a healthy lunch for me while I had my meeting. The entire experience was easy, efficient and pleasant.”

Check out TaskRabbit.com and don’t be afraid to get creative with your tasks. TaskRabbit knows life is busy. They can help.