task of the week: bring my forgotten laptop to JFK


Let’s say you’re going on a trip. Your bags are packed and you’re in the cab on the way to the airport. After scrambling to leave for the airport in time, you take a moment to relax your mind before takeoff. Then all of a sudden the relaxation turns to terror and dread. You didn’t! You couldn’t have! You forgot your [insert something essential for the trip your taking] at home! What on Earth can you do? You’re already on the way to the airport and if you turn around and go back, you’ll surely miss the flight.

Y’all know we have an app, right? TaskPoster Jakub S sure did. Jakub was on his way to JFK when it dawned on him that he had left his laptop at his apartment. Already halfway to the airport and two hours before his flight, Jakub’s first thought was, of course, TaskRabbit. He pulled his iPhone out and posted a task to have someone run to his apartment, grab his laptop and meet him at JFK right outside security. New York Veteran TaskRabbit Jeff K picked up the task and saved the day! Here’s a #selfie of Jakub and Jeff after the successful delivery:


How can we save your week?