Garage Goals Just Became a Thing

May 12, 2022

garage with storage on wall

Spring cleaning isn’t just reserved for homes – garages need some good, ol’ fashioned organization too! 

a garage filled with tools

One of our favorite principles of organization is to use the entire space as efficiently as possible. Perhaps the most underutilized space in the home is the mid to upper wall area. In the picture below, you can see how Megan had to concentrate all of her belongings in one corner to make room for her car. That left her with limited visibility and not-so-easy access, which, frankly put, can be a royal pain in the butt. By taking advantage of the space above the floor, Tasker Brian was able to significantly increase Megan’s storage area. 

man hanging a tool holder

This brings us to our second principle of organization: the more items that are visible (think at a quick glance), the better set up for success you’ll be. Additionally, when each piece has its own place that’s easily accessible (convenience is key), locating and returning items becomes a breeze.    

an organized garage

Tasker Brian installed a ceiling bike rack that also doubles as a storage shelf (genius), making great use of the uppermost space. He also installed a metal tool hanging board to hold hard-to-store tools like a rake, shovel (two kinds!), and grass trimmer. 

Great job, Megan and Brian! Major garage envy!