Let TaskRabbit Help You Start the School Year Off Right

Back to school means new beginnings – and a lot of extra errands and to-do’s.  Let TaskRabbit take care of the small stuff so you can stay on schedule.


  • Can’t believe you forgot to grab pencils, or just need some last minute school supplies? A Tasker can deliver them to you, whatever they may be.
  • If you’re heading off to college, establishing an organizational method early will really streamline your studies.  We can help you with that.
  • Did you go a little too far at the back to school sales and need to scale back?  A Tasker can return items if you’re having second thoughts.
  • If you’re loving all your new things, we can donate unwanted used items for you.

TaskRabbit is here to help you get the school year started on the right foot.  How can we assist you today?