Get Stuff Done While Also Celebrating Christmas

December 10, 2021

group of famale friends in spa have fun, celebrate bachelorette party

Huh? You can celebrate Christmas and get stuff done at the same time? Yep, you read correctly. ‘Tis the season of being festive and efficient – hallelujah!  This year, why not throw a fun party that also lets you check an item off your “to-do” list?

Gift Wrapping Party

Christmas gift zero waste, eco friendly hand made box packaging gifts in kraft paper wooden table, eco christmas holiday concept, Christmas gift wrapping,eco decor banner

Getting presents is fun but does anyone really want to wrap them? (Spoiler alert: no!). Make this tedious task enjoyable by sharing it with friends. Set up a table with wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift tags, while gossiping about the latest season of your favorite TV show. If you prefer to outsource, hire a Tasker to wrap your gifts for you

Christmas Ornament Making Party

Winter holiday decoration. Woman's hands making christmas paper snowflakes, paper blue stars and fans made of craft paper on wooden table. Nature aesthetic. Zero waste handmade gifts. DIY.

Nothing screams “Christmas” like curating the perfect ornament collection, so why not start by creating your own? Grab some sparkly cardstock or turn pictures of loved ones into ornaments by busting out your hot glue gun. Let the bedazzling begin! 

Pampering Christmas Party

group of famale friends in spa have fun, celebrate bachelorette party

You work hard during the holiday season, so don’t think twice about celebrating Christmas with some well-earned pampering. Massages, facials, manicures… you deserve it!

Christmas Card Making Party

happy friends kids draw decorations and write a letter to Santa near the Christmas tree

Is there anything cuter than a homemade Christmas card? Grab some blank cards, markers, paint, or colored pencils, and channel your inner artist.

Christmas Cookie Party

Christmas bakery. Friends decorating freshly baked gingerbread cNothing says love like fresh, home-baked cookies. Use some cookie cutters and icing to add some holiday flair. Just make sure to save some for your friends and family.

Wreath Making PartyHands holding fir branches and pine cones, thread, scissors on w

Just like Christmas trees, wreaths are a staple of any yuletide home. Keep things festive by adding in pine cones, dried berries, and ribbon.