Stay at home date night ideas

February 11, 2021

On the hunt for date night ideas this Valentine’s Day? You’re not the only one. With limited date night options this year, many of us are trying to figure out how we can bring fun and romance–without leaving the house. To help get you inspired, we put together a list of our top 5 stay at home date night ideas that are easy to pull off. Best of all: these don’t involve sitting in front of the TV!

1. Cook-off

Spice up the traditional Valentine’s dinner by adding a little competition and fun. Pick a dish or dessert neither of you has made. Next, let the good old fashioned cook-off begin. If you really want to dial up the competition, add a time limit! Taste test and discuss who came out with the better dish after racing against the clock.

2. Design challenge

This is a great date idea for couples that enjoy a home project and are looking to refresh their space. Pick a room that you are both ready to transform and work together to redesign it. This is not only a great way to learn more about your partner’s taste and style (and possibly practice compromise) but it’s also a fun way to work together to refresh a room in your home. Challenge yourself to upcycle items that you already have and decide which projects will bring your vision to life. Hire a Tasker to help you execute on your ideas.

3. Karaoke night

Who says you need a dive bar to experience the thrill and fun of karaoke? Bring the karaoke experience to your living room and let loose with your significant other this Valentine’s Day. You can look up karaoke versions of your favorite songs on YouTube and even get a wireless karaoke mic if you are ready to go all in.

4. Travel inspired dinner

If you are looking to put a spin on a romantic dinner at home, try creating a theme for the meal based on your favorite place to travel or a place you both want to to visit. If Italy is on your list, try making pasta together from scratch, and pairing it with Italian wine. Craving a trip to Japan? Give homemade sushi a try. Swooning for Sweden? IKEA has lots of Swedish goodies! If you want to get travel inspired dinner without a trip to the store, hire a Tasker to pick up what you need.

5. Get creative

For creative couples (or aspiring creative couples), a crafty date night might be just what you need. From paint and sip to meditative coloring, enjoy spending creative time together no matter what your vibe or medium is. It’s not only relaxing but also a nice break from your regular routine! Creating wall art? Book a Tasker to hang it!


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