New year, new home: simple organization tips for your playroom

If you’re a parent then you know that keeping a kids playroom clean, let alone organized, is a tall order. In fact, this might be the one room in your home that you find yourself constantly cleaning or just closing the door when you can’t face the mess. That’s why we pulled together four quick and easy steps to help you get this room organized and help keep it that way. 

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If one thing is true about kids and toys, it’s that kids get bored and grow out of their toys as quickly as they do their clothes. So before doing anything, go through toys and other items to see what’s broken, no longer age appropriate, or just collecting dust.

Once you’ve gone through everything it’s time to decide what is staying and what can either be donated or thrown away. Separate the items into piles and be sure to put all the toys that will be donated into bags or boxes that are easy to transport. To speed up the donation process hire a Tasker who will not only pick up your donations but also drop them off to the charity or location of your choice.

Now that you have your “keep” pile sorted take this opportunity to sanitize toys and give the whole room a deep clean. Most toys can be cleaned with warm soapy water but you can also use non-toxic sanitizing wipes or sprays to speed up the process. 

Now that you’ve purged the room of old toys and cleaned up the room, it’s time to put everything away. As you put things away, be mindful of the items that get the most playtime and make sure those toys are put away somewhere that your kids can not only access easily but also put away on their own. Think toy bins, baskets, or low shelves, all of which are low to the ground and kid-friendly. By making sure every item has its place, you can start bringing kids in on the “fun” of cleaning up. 

Whether you need help with donation drop off or help to get the room clean, a Tasker can help you get it all done.