New year, new home: Simple organization tips for your home office

January 22, 2021

For most people, a cluttered workspace means a cluttered mind. Having an organized, clean, and inviting workspace will motivate you to get your work done efficiently. And since many of us are still working from home, we thought we’d share some tips on organizing your home office.

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The first step is to clean your existing workspace: wipe down your desk with disinfectant spray, take out garbage, and neatly organize any loose papers or files. A key component of this process is purging clutter and old files that are no longer needed.

Your home office is where you go to be productive and get work done The last thing you want to do is spend valuable time searching for the right supplies, like a charger, calendar, or highlighter. A few quick tips to help you with this:

    • Bring in shelving: Shelves simultaneously increase the amount of space you have to work with and keep your space organized. There are many options to choose from, whether they are hanging shelves, wall shelves, or modular shelves. Whatever you decide, a Tasker can install your shelves quickly and professionally.
    • Take advantage of paper holders: Yes, we live in a digital world. But paper inevitably finds a way of piling up. Notes, bills, mail, and so on – that’s why finding a neat and simple paper holder will do your office wonders.

Set up your home office in a way that helps keep you on track. That way you can get in and do what you need to do without waffling about.

    • Keep your to-do list handy: You may choose to keep up with your to-do list by using a notebook, or a whiteboard, or simply Post-It notes. Whatever your preference, make sure your to-do list is handy at all times.
    • Utilize your wall space: People often think of their desk and drawers when they think about their workspace. But wall space is just as key – the wall above your desk, for instance, is a prime spot for a calendar or pinboard.

Keeping function in mind, you can still inject some personality and quirkiness into your space. This’ll help inspire productivity and creativity. Organize your books by color, keep your vintage Star Wars collectible figurines nearby, or install some small speakers so you can listen to music while you work.

Get started on organizing your home office today with the help of a Tasker.


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