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Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Organize Your Life

Has your wanderlust about traveling to exotic places morphed into more practical fantasies about how to uplevel your home storage systems? If this sounds like you, get excited because Organization tasks are a ticket to your dream destination!

We want to help you think through how you can make the most of an Organization task–anywhere you need it in your home. 

Start somewhere (you can’t boil the ocean!)

Taskers offer a wide range of skills to support your Organization goals. For instance, Tasker Susan H. can provide organization, interior design, furniture assembly, and mounting/installation skills. She told us, “I can determine a client’s needs, how to organize the process, choose and purchase solutions for it, install things like shelving and closet systems, assemble furniture solutions, and arrange it all in a way that is visually appealing. I’m a one stop shop.”

So: you need all the help? We get it, and we totally understand if your needs feel overwhelming. Here are the most common starting points: 


  • Purge
  • Fold
  • Hang
  • Help make seasonal wardrobe shifts i.e. summer to fall
  • Declutter closets and pack up items to store/give away/sell
  • Assemble and mount walk-in closet shelving 


  • Get rid of junk 
  • Bring things to storage/take things out of storage
  • Identify storage systems, such as shelving or mounting, to maximize space


  • Put things away
  • Identify new storage solutions
  • Help visualizing (or building!) custom IKEA PAX wardrobe
  • Sort clothing for donation (then drop it off at a charity)


  • Tidy up a crowded pantry 
  • Clean out refrigerator 
  • De-clutter cabinets

Living Room

  • Suggest storage systems, like baskets, bookcases, and consoles
  • Create an entertainment center surrounding your TV

Kids’ Room

  • Declutter toys and books
  • Sort baby/children’s items and post online to sell or give away
  • Collect toys from throughout the house and streamline where they’re kept


  • Organize paper or digital files/documents
  • Update office layouts 
  • Set up new systems, i.e. inventory for a warehouse
  • Create an improved work-from-home space


  • Create gift baskets
  • Assist with special events

Consult your Tasker to make a plan 

Taskers like Stormy P. offer the ability to help you “manage your time, sort items by categories, and use a measuring tape–which comes in handy when suggesting storage solution products and making sure they will fit.

 To get the most out of hiring a Tasker, consider the following prompts and be prepared to discuss with them:

  • Highest priorities for the task
  • How long it’s been since the closet/garage/room was last organized
  • Which items you will need the most frequent access to
  • If you just moved or are about to move
  • If you’ll need help purging, and making piles
  • Any preferences or visuals
  • Labeling systems
  • Plan for removing unwanted items/donating 
  • If you’d like to be involved, or want them to work independently

Maximize time with your Tasker

Tasker Sarah J. suggests that you don’t book an entire day of organizing “simply because it tends to be an overwhelming experience. Booking 3-4 hour sessions per day, and staggered, is the best way to ease into the organization process.” Keep in mind when you schedule the task that organizing a pantry will take less time than packing up an entire garage, for example. 

If you have a big project like an upcoming move, Organization Taskers like Rebecca S. an can help–she told us she has a “rubik’s cube mind that allows me to help anyone organize and pack items for storage or moving.” 

Taskers with Organization expertise will be able to advise on a plan and help you prioritize. 

A gift that keeps on giving

We (and our good friend IKEA) are all about upcycling and are always excited to hear from Taskers like Dominique R.: “One experience allowed me to not only donate items post-organization task from a family’s home, but also extend some of those supplies to those I knew personally who were in need in my community directly.” 

Hiring a Tasker to help you organize is a gift to yourself that will keep on giving. (You can even gift an Organization task to a friend–a new mom, someone who just moved, or your neighbor, for instance!) 


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