What Is A Galley Kitchen?

March 15, 2023

A galley kitchen is a compact kitchen layout that uses two parallel counters with a narrow space in between. It’s often found in living spaces with limited space including boats, apartments, and small homes.

Galley kitchens are compact, chic and help make the rest of your home look larger. In addition, galley kitchens make your cooking space as efficient as possible. The benefits of a galley kitchen don’t need to be only nautical–they’re practical and stylish as well.

Example of A Galley Kitchen Floor Plan

Example of galley kitchen floor plan

Why Is It Called A Galley Kitchen?

The term “galley kitchen” derives from the narrow cooking area found on a ship, known as a “galley,” where meals are cooked for a large number of people within a confined space.

Galley Kitchen Pros & Cons

3 Pros of Galley Kitchens

  • Saves space
  • Easier to build as a DIY project
  • Lower cost of counter/flooring materials


3 Cons of Galley Kitchens

  • Less storage space
  • Limited space for cooking
  • Potential for poor traffic flow


While there are many pros and cons related to galley kitchens, the decision to build a galley-style kitchen is ultimately up to your taste and needs.

Types Of Galley Kitchen

There are several variations of galley kitchens that you might find, including:

  • Peninsula Style: A style of galley kitchen with an island attached to a wall.


  • Breakfast Nook Style: A style with additional eating space off to the side.


  • High Ceiling Style: Exactly as the name implies, this style features high ceilings to give your galley kitchen a greater sense of space.


When it comes to galley kitchen ideas, the possibilities are endless! We’ve included some images as inspiration, but if you’re feeling unsure which type of galley kitchen style is right for you, consider working with a Tasker to determine cabinet styles or how to build a unique counter space for your kitchen.

Decorating A Galley Kitchen

Decorating a galley kitchen isn’t terribly different from decorating a normal one, especially since there’s less space. Below are some inspiring galley kitchen decor ideas:

Use Light & Bright Colors

Using lighter colors helps to open up spaces, which is perfect for a narrow galley kitchen! Additionally, pale whites and powder blues can contribute to a nautical sensation (if that’s what you’re aiming for).

Choose The Right Cabinets

When choosing cabinets for your galley kitchen, you’ll want to be sure to select the right size, shape and color. After all, storage space is precious in a galley kitchen. That’s why it’s important to choose cabinets that maximize your storage without being too intrusive. Cabinets that run from your ceiling to just above counter spaces are usually a good choice.

Additionally, the cost of kitchen cabinets can vary a lot, so consider checking out our guide to the cost of kitchen cabinets. It’s essential to choose cabinets that not only look great but also work with your budget!

Keep It Compact

When choosing things like appliances and sinks, be sure to pick items that are compact. Having a sink with a huge basin or an enormous stand mixer simply won’t work in a kitchen with limited space. Instead, opt for choices like undermount sinks, hand mixers and so on.

Remodeling To A Galley Kitchen

Why undergo a remodel to a galley kitchen layout? There are lots of considerations, including the cost of remodeling your kitchen and how a galley might fit in with the rest of your home. But there are two main reasons folks decide to remodel a galley kitchen: to conserve space and update the style of their cooking space.

Galley kitchens are a fantastic way to lean into the minimalist lifestyle. If you need a reason to remodel, reducing the space your kitchen takes up is a great motivation. Not only will this help the rest of your home feel larger, it will force your kitchen space to become sleeker and more efficient.

In addition to saving space, galley kitchens look fantastic! They’re trendy and look clean, adding a modern (or classic, depending on how you decorate) style to any home. 

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, make sure galley kitchens are on your radar!

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