Treat Yo’ Home

September 22, 2021

fall in your home

fall in your home

Like most relationships, it’s easy to take your home for granted, which is precisely why it deserves some good, ol’ fashioned TLC this fall. 

We thought it’d be fun to take some of the best love advice and apply it to your home upkeep. After all, houses have feelings too, right? 

1.  Make time to talk… about yard work. 

Fall brings so much to discuss: snuggly sweater weather, delicious pumpkin lattes, and uber pretty foliage. Foliage is beautiful while it lasts, but once the leaves start falling (it’s called fall for a reason), they need to be removed. Ugh. Clearing leaves can be pretty time-consuming, but it’s a super important part of maintaining a healthy yard (consider outsourcing if you literally can’t even). A buildup of leaves can block all the things your grass needs to grow: sunlight, airflow, water, and nutrients. Kind of like a facial for your yard.

2. Share gratitude and appreciation… for organization. 

Staying organized gives much to appreciate, including a decluttered home, increased productivity, and reduced stress. The incomparable Marie Kondo recommends focusing on categories, as opposed to rooms, within your home. For example, gathering all of the towels around your house (like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room) will help you understand their true volume, making it easier to get rid of what you don’t need. She also suggests expressing gratitude as you are organizing and decluttering your home. Giving thanks and saying “sayonara” to those objects you no longer need helps clear the mind and refresh the soul. If the KonMari method isn’t quite your jam, you can hire a Tasker to do it for you and save your gratitude for them.

3. Shake up your routine… by giving your house a deep clean.

Most of us are used to cleaning on a routine basis, but how often should you deep clean your home? Well, the answer depends on what’s being cleaned. Bathrooms tend to require more routine cleaning: showers, bathtubs and toilets should be cleaned on a weekly basis to avoid bacterial and fungal growth, whereas shower heads can be cleaned and descaled once a year. For all the cooks: microwaves should be cleaned every week to get rid of food spatter, and refrigerators can be cleaned once a month. A good night’s rest begins in bed: pillows can be cleaned every quarter and mattresses every six months. Is your head spinning yet? A Tasker can do it all, so you can keep your sanity intact.



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