Task of the Week: Make Tax Day Go Away

March 27, 2012

Albert Einstein famously said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” Now, this was a guy who definitely knew a thing or two about understanding things. Maybe it’s because we share this sentiment that so many of us habitually put off doing our taxes until the very last minute. But, now that we’re swiftly approaching that “very last minute,” it’s time for a tax day battle plan. Unlike Einstein, we have access to the best possible line of defense against the IRS: the talented and friendly TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbits are already busy sorting through papers, scanning receipts, and mastering Excel spreadsheets for TaskPosters around the country. Take the case of Carrie S., an Austin TaskPoster and college student who was a little lost about how to file her out-of-state Kansas income taxes. Susan K., a TaskRabbit neighbor with accounting experience, swooped in to solve her problem. San Francisco freelancer Adia M. didn’t need to stress about filing her taxes either, she simply posted a Task to Sarah T., a TaskRabbit with a background in finance. Even small businesses are tapping TaskRabbits to whip their Quickbooks accounts into shape. These proactive TaskPosters are onto something — they won’t be spending the final days leading up to April 15th hugging their knees and sobbing over an increasingly soggy pile of receipts. Will you?


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