Q. Parents – What do you need most?

February 23, 2010

A. More time in your day to spend with your family.

Save time, spend it with your family!
Save time, spend it with your family!

RunMyErrand can save you time in a million different ways. Here are some ideas:

4. PARTY PLANNING – Let an RME Party Planner plan your child’s next birthday party, bar/bat miztvah or any fun event. We have loads of party planners on board who are ready to help. Try using us for a birthday party or sleepover (we’ll do the invites, food prep, even transportation.)

3. NUTRITIONAL MEAL PLANNINGYou’ve got so much to do, meal planning is tough!  Let a Runner do your grocery shopping & make smart nutritional choices based on your specifications.  THEN, have your Runner create a custom menu for your family for the week! No more running around.  We’ll do that for you & deliver wholesome food right to your door!

2. TRANSPORTATION – How much time do you spend shuttling the kids around? Our Runners are background and safety checked and many are parents themselves! Why not hire a Runner to take Timmy and Susie to piano practice, soccer practice and tutoring twice a week so you can enjoy a little down time?

1. DAILY TO-DO’s – Pick up the dry cleaning, take the dog to the vet, return those shirts to the mall, buy diapers, drop off the donations and take the car in for an oil change. What do these chores have in common? They all take lots of time!  So why not give your to-do list to an expert Runner while you enjoy down time with your family?

RunMyErrand is so easy to use. Just sign in, post your errand and put your feet up while someone else handles the chores! It’s as easy as pie (that you and the kids baked together and took pictures of to send to the grandparents!)