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When BYOB stands for “Be Your Own Boss”

Learn why Sue, Keith, Vanessa, Oscar, DeVere, Mayra, and Daniel became Taskers and how tasking has allowed them to earn money while preserving their freedom, from their time to their hourly earnings.

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5 Easy Ways to Brighten Dark Rooms, No Hard Hat Needed

Not every home is blessed with great natural light, but you don’t have to settle for a dreary studio or a shadowy hallway. While knocking more windows in the wall isn’t always possible, there are less drastic ways to enhance what light you do get. Try these easy tips to brighten a dark space with natural light, no hard hat needed.

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Win $100 to Do Away with To-Do

We get it. To-do lists can take on a life of their own. That’s why we’re giving one lucky winner $100 TaskRabbit credit to let us handle those home tasks that never seem to get crossed off. Here’s how to enter.

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A bathroom with mold on the ceiling. Mold and stain cleaning
How to Remove Mold From Bathroom Ceiling Like A Pro
Learn how to remove mold from bathroom ceilings. Prevent future growth and understand the causes and...
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5 Ways to Use Taskrabbit for Wedding Prep 
It’s wedding season! If you or a loved one is getting hitched soon, here are five ways Taskers can help...
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Real construction worker working on a house renovation - authent
How to Drill Into Brick: All You Need to Know
Conquer brick walls! Master hanging things with this step-by-step guide. Learn the secrets of drilling...
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Deck maintenance apply stain on wooden decking
Deck Painting Cost: Insights, Savings Tips, and Benefits
Learn about deck painting cost, the different factors, how to save money, and the benefits of a painted...
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Friends making barbecue and having lunch in the nature
Keep it Easy this Memorial Day!
Farewell, Spring! We knew thee well! (Too well, if you ask us—we’re talking to you, seasonal allergies.)...
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mens linen shirts with sleeves rolled up
Essential Guide on How to Wash Linen
Learn how to wash linen effectively with our guide. Discover various methods, tips, and tricks for maintaining...
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hand holding a glass of water
How to Install a Whole House Water Filter
Avoid common pitfalls to enjoy clean and safe water in your whole house with this complete step-by-step...
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final application of the waterproofing layer, with integrated wa
How to Waterproof a Basement Like a Pro
Learn how to waterproof a basement with Taskrabbit’s guide. Identify moisture sources, apply waterproofing...
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Removing fallen autumn leaves in the park, process of raking and cleaning the area from yellow leaves, regular seasonal work with tractor, garden tools and modern equipment
Leaf Removal Cost: Breaking Down the Factors and Services
Discover key factors affecting leaf removal cost, explore services, and learn about average prices to...
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