Looking Back, Thinking Ahead: A Letter from Our CEO

September 28, 2018


Today marks ten years since TaskRabbit launched as RunMyErrand in Boston. After running out of dog food on a cold night, our founder, Leah Busque, set out to create a way for people to lend a hand to busy neighbors. A decade later, our founding promise of “neighbors helping neighbors” still rings true. But our neighborhood looks a little different.

Today, the TaskRabbit community spans 45+ cities and three countries. That footprint is only growing as we joined the IKEA family last year to make everyday life easier for more communities worldwide. Taskers have saved people over 4 million hours while collectively earning over $140 million. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. TaskRabbit has always been about more than checking items off a to-do list. We’ve always come back to people — and the relationships we build when we invite someone into our everyday lives.

We’ve seen Taskers help turn new houses into homes, repair old ones, save the day for busy parents, and even assist with proposals and search for a lost pet cockatoo. Taskers have given back to their local communities through TaskRabbit for Good, from supporting hurricane relief efforts to building a tiny house in just three days to donate to fight homelessness. These are just some of the stories from our community (you!) that we’re sharing here as we celebrate how far we’ve come.

Looking ahead, we want to deepen the relationships you’ve built with each other. That means thinking of the TaskRabbit experience as a trusted partnership between clients and Taskers. Today, you might find a Tasker for help with a move, look for another to paint your bedroom, and another to assemble IKEA furniture. But imagine having an entire cohesive team of Taskers to rely on for all of life’s to-do’s. Taskers, you’ll actively help clients manage their everyday projects, suggest fellow Taskers for their team, and continue building your business through lasting client relationships. Together, you’ll create a personal task management network. It’s help with — and for — life.

It’s hard to believe this vision all started with a hungry dog. Together, we’ve evolved TaskRabbit into so much more. To our community: thank you for 10 years of trust, compassion, and getting things done. Here’s to the decades to come!


Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO

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