Take the Stress out of Moving with TaskRabbit

June 20, 2018

Did you know that you can use TaskRabbit to make your move easier? Whether it’s packing and unpacking, heavy lifting and hauling, rearranging or (dis)assembling furniture, or mounting shelves and TVs, Taskers can help with any part of the process. Here’s what you can do to make sure moving day goes smoothly for you and your Tasker: 

Specify your pick-up and drop-off location.

Don’t forget an apartment or suite number!


Choose a car or truck.

Do you need a truck for large furniture, or can you make multiple trips with boxes in a car? Indicate your preference. You can view Taskers’ vehicle types (car, minivan/SUV, full-size van, pick-up truck, or moving truck) in their profiles when you browse available help.

Be descriptive.

Use the Task Details section to share more about your move. Helpful details include:

  • Number and size of items
  • Tools needed (dollies, blankets, bungees, etc.): Taskers will indicate what they have in their profile, but it’s always good to confirm the tools required for the job.
  • Any elevators or stairs? Let your Tasker know so he/she can plan how to get in and out easily on moving day.
  • Parking details: If your neighborhood is short on spaces, let your Tasker know where to park and load.

Chat and share photos. Camera_animation

Once your task is booked, chat with your Tasker to confirm the task details and necessary equipment.

You can also upload photos of your boxes, furniture, and space to help the move go smoothly — no one wants to end up with a couch stuck in the doorframe! Look out for notifications in your browser or the TaskRabbit app when your Tasker responds.   




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