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Give Back While Getting Things Done: Adding a Donation Drop-off Task

Closet Organization

When it comes to our closets, most of us could use a seasonal refresh. But a daunting closet doesn’t have to be tackled alone — nor does donating the items that are ready for a new home. 

The next time you book a task that requires a car, add a donation drop-off to make giving back a breeze. If you select a Tasker with a car while booking from, you’ll have the option to have your Tasker take bags of gently used clothing, books, and small household appliances and electronics to a local organization that accepts these items. You’ll be charged at your Tasker’s usual hourly rate, and TaskRabbit for Good will donate our service fee from this portion of your task to nonprofits helping individuals find work and a place to call home. That’s a win for your closet — and for your community. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a starting task that requires a car* and request the task as normal.
  2. On the confirmation page, select the option to add a donation drop-off. 
  3. Choose the type(s) of item you have to donate.
  4. Tell us how many shopping bags of items you have to donate.
  5. Prepare bags for Tasker to pick-up (or hire a Tasker to prep the bags for you!). You’ll be charged for the time it takes your Tasker to drop off the items, at their hourly rate.

*Given the drop-off nature of these tasks, a car is required.


Want to donate items as your primary task? Book a donation drop-off task to give your items a new home. Learn more about what types of donations are typically accepted by our partners.