Using TaskRabbit

Favoriting a Tasker


We see it over and over again: once you find someone you can trust to do a job well, they become your go-to Tasker. They know your dog’s name, how you like your windows washed, or just the right way to maneuver a heavy box up your narrow stairs. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we’ve made it easier for you to work with Taskers you liked liked again — and again — with our Favorite Taskers list. 

What happens when you “favorite” a Tasker?

Easily rehire and share. Their profile is saved to your account under the “Favorite Taskers” section of the “My Taskers” tab. Refer back here to view their other skills, share their profile with friends, and book another task with them.

Chat and ask questions at any time. Not sure what supplies to buy for a project, whether your Tasker is free next Thursday, or need recommendations for multiple Taskers for a big project? Select “Chat and book” to reach out to your Tasker.

Had a good tasking experience? Here’s how you add your Tasker to your favorites.

Select “Add to my favorites” when you rate and review your Tasker after your task. Ratings 12

Want to favorite someone you’ve already worked with? 

On desktop:

  • Visit the My Taskers tab at the top right section of your profile to see a list of all your previous taskers.
  • Select Add to Favorites to save a Tasker to your profile.

On the app:

  • Visit the My Taskers tab and select Past Taskers (below right). 
  • Choose a Tasker and select Add to Favorites. You’ll be able to view favorited Taskers in the Favorite Taskers tab (below left).

Need to ask your Tasker a question or schedule another task? 

Chats with your favorited Taskers stay open, so just select “Chat and book” to reach them after your task.


Meet some of our most frequently favorited Taskers, who shared with us what being “favorited” means to them.

3-Casey P.

Since I’ve joined TaskRabbit, I’ve gained freedom and a real satisfaction in my work knowing that what I do makes an impact in other people’s lives. – Casey P.


4-John J.


As a Tasker, I’ve learned how to build a business. Being favorited is humbling. John J.


24-Storm L.


I go above and beyond to be the best I can be for my clients!Storm L.


2-Ireion A.


My quality of work is based on what I would want as a client–I imagine myself as half client, half superhero!Ireion A.


6-Edward R.


It feels great to be trusted in my quality of work and my manner. – Edward R.


18-Michael C.


Being favorited reminds me why I love my job so much! Michael C.