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Getting Started with TaskRabbit: What Happens After I Book?

So you’ve just booked your first Tasker — congrats! Finding a Tasker is the first step to checking one more thing off your to-do list. Now you might be wondering: what’s next? 

Step 1: Wait for Your Tasker to Respond

Once you’ve selected a Tasker, they need to confirm that they have the skills, tools, and availability to complete your task. Taskers generally respond within one hour after a booking request is sent, so you shouldn’t be waiting long! 

Step 2: Chat with Your Tasker

Through TaskRabbit you can securely chat with, send pictures to, and call your Tasker. Don’t worry — your private information (including your phone number) is always protected. Taskers rely on this chat thread to help them determine the scope of your task, and stay in touch until the task is completed. They may ask questions like:

  • How many rooms are there to clean/pack/move? How many furniture items are there to assemble?
  • Will you be there during the task? If not, how will I gain entry?
  • What tools/supplies can you provide, so I know what to bring with me?

Step 3: Tasker Schedules Your Task

Once you’ve discussed the details, your Tasker will schedule your task. If you need to reschedule, just ask your Tasker in the chat thread. Keep in mind that tasks canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time may incur a cancellation fee. Confirm your full address, any parking or entry details, and timing to make sure the task goes off without a hitch.

Taskers always tell us that communication is the cornerstone of every task’s success, so we encourage you to use the chat thread with gusto!

Ready to get started? Find, book, and chat with your Tasker. 

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  1. Tasker Kelly says

    Just a slight correction: your tasker MIGHT respond to the initial request in an hour, but if they are working another task, it means they are with another client, and might have their phone on silent or not have free hands to respond that quickly! While you may need to exercise patience, you should also be assured that you will also have your tasker’s full attention while they are working with you!

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