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From i-Wait to u-Wait: Outsourcing the Wait for the iPad 2

Have we mentioned how amazing the TaskRabbit Runners are lately?!?

Our Runners are all over the launch of Apple’s iPad 2 today. In fact, one of our rockstar Runners, Josh L, arrived at the Apple store in downtown SF at 4:30 this morning and scored himself the first spot in line. Josh is first in line to buy the next-gen iPad for Jonathan B. As he waits (Lord knows…he certainly has some time to kill!),  Josh has made some new friends, recruited folks to be TaskRabbit Runners, helped a Singaporean man use TaskRabbit to get his hands on an iPad 2 so he can be the first one in his country to have one, and been interviewed by a few major news channels, including The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Pure amazingness, Josh!

Runner Josh L