Behind our Brand Refresh

May 23, 2022

You might have noticed things look a bit different around here. You’re not the only one updating your space; we decided it was time to give our brand a fresh coat of paint in line with the times and where we’re heading. 

Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at the process of our brand refresh and, most importantly, the reasons behind it.

Introducing: Taskrabbit

Evolving the logo 

In 2008, Taskrabbit started as a platform for getting household tasks and errands done in a pinch. Speed was the name of the game—hello rabbit—but over the years, Taskrabbit has evolved. Today, it’s a platform that connects you with reliable, skilled experts who can help complete home projects when you lack either the time or confidence to do them yourself. Whether you need electrical work, furniture assembly, organizing, or something in between, using Taskrabbit allows you to work with independent contractors and compensate them fairly for their work. Taskers choose their own rates—and 100% of their rates go to them—which means when you use Taskrabbit, you are helping individuals work autonomously and create financial stability for themselves and their families. 

Here at Taskrabbit, we’ve always been about neighbors helping neighbors, and our new branding showcases both sides of the business coming together. With our new wordmark logo, we lowercased both “task” and “rabbit” to create balance and symbolize the equal importance of both sides of our marketplace. The two distinct “a” characters represent the uniqueness of clients and Taskers; noticeably different but of equal importance. 

What about the rabbit?

We’ve had tons of fun over the years with the “rabbit” part of our name (April Fools Day, we’re looking at you), and it will always remain part of the company legacy; our name is not changing. However, we’re in the business of connection and tasks, not rabbits. 

By evolving beyond the rabbit icon, we can showcase human interactions and the people we empower. The new brand champions people like you, our customers, who help Taskers thrive, and the Taskers themselves who have created livelihoods via our platform.


From rabbit-forward to human-first 

Updating our colors and typeface
Our evolved palette, named fondly after house plants—Monstera, Fern, Pampas, and Lily—represents the feeling of accomplishment after a job well done. Our updated font, Inter, is a highly versatile, customizable, accessible, and web-safe font.

Introducing Just Task 

“Just task” is our unified call to action. Whether you’re a customer who needs work done around your home or a Tasker seeking flexible hours with a high earning potential, the answer is the same: Just task.

What the new Taskrabbit is and isn’t 

Our new Taskrabbit is about building one united brand that celebrates and honors what we’re all about: customers and Taskers helping each other. We’re building a human-first brand that focuses on connection, quality, and trust by leaning into our foundational sentiment of “neighbors helping neighbors” now more than ever before when your time and flexibility are more valuable than ever before.

What’s not changing is the foundation of our business. The task categories you know and love, like Furniture Assembly, Moving, Mounting, Minor Home Repairs, etc., are here to stay—as is the availability of highly skilled Taskers. 

Have a look around to take in our new brand (and maybe even book a task while you’re at it!). Enjoy!