2019 in Review: The Year’s Most Popular Stories

December 27, 2019

It goes without saying that we love helping people get things done. And you certainly got a lot done in 2019. Taskers saved people over 2.6 million hours by assembling over 150,000 pieces of furniture, cleaning over 80,000 homes, and organizing over 17,000 spaces in 50+ cities and five countries. One Tasker even swiped through and filtered 4,500 Tinder profiles for someone! Thanks for following along the way.

You also got a lot of reading done in 2019, especially on the Hutch. From home tours to wacky tasks to DIY inspiration, here are the Hutch pieces you loved most this year.

Eclectic and Modern at its Best: Tour interior designer Julieta Alvarez’s West New York home.

The Most Unique Tasks: No task is too weird for Taskers. See the strangest things we’ve ever done in the name of being helpful.

Tasker Spotlight: Meet the Handywomen of TaskRabbit: In honor of International Women’s Day, we sat down with a few of TaskRabbit’s most inspiring handywomen.

samanthapicThe Weekend Routine: Nutritionist Sara Stewart: Nutritionist Sara Stewart takes us through a weekend of to-dos, meal prep, and relaxation.The Essential Checklist for Furnishing Your First Apartment: Here’s everything you should buy, beg, or borrow for your first adult apartment. 

A French Chateau Inspired Post-Breakup Sanctuary: Tour designer and HGTV host Orlando Soria’s West Hollywood bachelor pad.

3-living roomDIY Projects to Upcycle Your Old Furniture: Next time you start dragging a well-worn piece of furniture to the curb, think again. You might just need a new perspective to find another use for it.21 Subtle Ways to Maximize Any Tiny Space: As much as we’d love to fill our homes with furniture and decor, we have to face it: sometimes there just isn’t the space. Luckily, there are ways to make a living space feel larger than it is.


bedstandReady to kick off 2020 with a clear to-do list? Book a Tasker to help start the year fresh.