Eclectic & Modern At Its Best

February 9, 2018


Meet New York interior designer, Julieta Alvarez. We were lucky to be invited into her light-filled home to talk about her style and the projects she’s completed. Her style is anything but static, and she has built up her house over time to create her fun and international style. She draws inspiration from the places she visits on her travels- filling her space with local products to make her apartment really feel like home. An avid DIYer, Julieta is especially proud of how she’s upgraded classic pieces with little embellishments, like adding handmade leather pulls to the dresser in her daughter’s room.

LV Room

How long have you been living in this space?

We’ve been living here for 4 years and I love it. The views alone are what keeps me here. 

A favorite home project you’ve completed?

The gallery wall in the living room and the DIY dressers and nightstands


How would you describe your home style?

Eclectic, fun and international.

How do you make your house more feel like home? 

By including things from my travels and making it as comfortable as possible.


What/who inspires your home style?

So many good designers inspire me but also the places I visit around the world shape me a little every time.

What’s the last thing you’ve bought or found for your home?

A vintage midcentury kid’s chair for my daughter Olivia.

Olivia Room 2

The most stressful thing about having your own place? ‘

Keeping it tidy and looking great at ALL times which is harder now with a toddler.